Maintenance Work on The Loop – Wednesday 1st December

The loop will be down for maintenance on Wednesday 1st December. Find out full details.

This is to let you know that Age UK’s Digital and Technology Team will be doing some essential maintenance work on The Loop, which will means it will be briefly out of action on Wednesday 1st December 2021, between 19:30 to 21:30. If you usually have the ability to edit content on the loop, you will not be able to do so at any point on Wednesday. Find out full details below.

What is happening?

Essential maintenance work is taking place on The Loop on Wednesday 1st December 2021, between 19:30 to 21:30.

When is it happening?

Wednesday 1st December 2021, between 19:30 to 21:30.

How will I be impacted?

The Loop will not be accessible during the times specified above and you will not be able to edit content at any point on Wednesday if you usually have access to do so.

Thank you for your patience – The Digital & Technology Team

Important Guidance on Obligatory Vaccinations for all CQC Registered Services

From 1st April 2022, individuals undertaking CQC regulated activities in England (including secondary and primary care) must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, regardless of their employer.

On 11th November it became obligatory for all people that work in a care home in any capacity, to be double vaccinated against Covid-19. This same obligation is also being placed on any organisation with a CQC registered service or any with a patient/client facing workforce operating as part of a CQC-regulated service. From 1st April 2022, individuals undertaking CQC regulated activities in England must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, regardless of their employer, including secondary and primary care. Find out more below, including who this regulation applies to and next steps you can take.

On 11th November, it became obligatory for all people that work in a care home in any capacity, to be double vaccinated against Covid-19. That meant that care homes had to dismiss (or redeploy out of the service) any of their staff and volunteers who had not been vaccinated by that date. In order to do this, they needed to prepare, both in terms of gathering the appropriate data on their workforce and also thinking about the process they needed to go though with any staff that were not double vaccinated by the deadline.

The New Regulation

This same obligation is now also placed on any organisation with a CQC registered service or any with a patient/client facing workforce operating as part of a CQC-regulated service. From 1st April 2022 individuals undertaking CQC regulated activities in England must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, regardless of their employer, including secondary and primary care.

The government regulations are expected to come into effect from 1 April 2022, subject to parliamentary process. This means that unvaccinated individuals will need to have had their first dose by 3 February 2022, in order to have received their second dose by the 1 April 2022 deadline.

We know from the implementation of this new regulation in the care home sector that not every single volunteer and staff member will have been vaccinated by the deadline. Some people may refuse the vaccine for health reasons or other reasons personal to themselves. It is very likely that mandatory vaccinations in care services will put some people off coming into or staying in the care sector for their employment.

The overriding risk therefore is that this new regulation will increase the number of staff vacancies and make it more difficult to recruit to care services.

Who does the regulation apply to?

The new regulation applies to any person who works in a client or patient-facing role in any CQC-regulated service, even if their employer is not the regulated provider. It also applies to volunteers in similar roles. People in office-based roles who do not come into contact with service users would not fall under this regulation.

So, for example: an administrator in an office working in a Home Care team who does not see service users in their homes would not require double vaccinations, but a Foot Care Assistant in a regulated home-visiting foot care service, or a volunteer driver in a Hospital Discharge service would fall under this regulation.

Next Steps

We know that one-to-one conversations have been the most effective way to support colleagues to make an informed choice, often leading to vaccination uptake. Therefore, it is important for line managers to arrange and have supportive one-to-one conversations with unvaccinated staff members to identify reasons for vaccine hesitancy and provide information that will support them to make an informed decision about the vaccine.

You can find Covid-19 vaccine communication materials from the NHS here. Organisations should encourage individuals who have not yet been vaccinated to use the resources available and discuss with their own GP or trusted healthcare professional if they wish to have a further conversation or have any questions around vaccination.

It is important that these conversations with staff are supportive and empathetic, rather than coercive. It is also useful to try to make it as simple as possible for staff and volunteers to get the vaccine, for example by allowing time in work for them to do this if necessary, or giving them the locations of the nearest vaccine centres.

It is important that organisations gather the relevant intelligence on their workforce through these conversations – ask staff and volunteers to share with you their vaccine status and to demonstrate this with their vaccine passports, cards or letters. Record which staff have been vaccinated and which will get vaccinated.

Ensure that the deadlines will be met: for a first vaccination, the deadline is 3rd February 2022. For someone awaiting their second vaccination, this could be any time up to 31st March 2022.

It is vital therefore to record details of those staff and volunteers who intend to decline having a vaccination and the reasons why. Unless they are exempt, or later change their mind (it is worth having more than one conversation with colleagues in this position just in case) you will need to be clear with them what your procedure will be from an employment point of view when the deadline passes. Will you be able to redeploy these staff and volunteers to another, non-regulated service? Or, will you need to dismiss them on 1st April? The conversations you have with staff will need to make the consequences clear. Ensure you have sought HR advice on the dismissal process and what letters and other communication will be required for those staff.

Organisations need to start acting now to gather appropriate data and consider the actions required of them and their staff by 1st April 2022.


If you have any questions about this guidance, please contact:

Partner Information Return: Data Report Published and Upcoming Event Scheduled

The full data report for the second quarterly Partner Information Return can be found below, along with details of an upcoming event to discuss the future of the PIR.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the second quarterly Partner Information Return (PIR). The full data report for this quarter can be found later in this article, along with details of the upcoming third quarterly PIR, and an event this December to discuss the future of the Partner Information Return.

The report on the data submitted for the Second Quarterly Partner Information Return can be accessed here.  If you have any questions on the report please contact

The return for quarter 3, October 2021 to December 2021, will be released in January 2022.  We will be extending the completion window for this return until February 11th to allow additional time for completion following the Christmas and New Year period.

Event: Future of the Partner Information Return

We will be holding an event on 8th December, 10:00 – 11:00, to discuss the future plans for the Partner Information Return, and to discuss what data Partners feel would be helpful to include moving forward, and what would add value on a network wide level.

If you are interested in attending, please register for the event here.

Loneliness Community of Interest Meeting – Wednesday 1st December

Find out all the details of the upcoming Loneliness Community of Interest Meeting on Wednesday 1st December, including how to book your place.

After the recent loneliness survey and workshop, a Loneliness Community of Interest is being set up. This Community of Interest (CoI) will be facilitated by Age UK and will build on four elements that emerged from the workshop. The first Loneliness Community of Interest is being held on 1st December 10.00 – 11.30. Click here to register or read on for more information.

The four elements that emerged from the recent Loneliness Workshop are: 

  • Identifying and assessing loneliness risk and need. This includes how to raise the issue with service users and/or customers and the use of scales  
  • Guided Conversation and goal setting that includes discussion of a person’s capability, opportunities, and motivation 
  • Community asset mapping and exploring local partnerships. This involves understanding local need, the local system and improving access to support across local communities and populations 
  • Delivering a multi stranded offer to older people 

It is expected that each element will be explored by a sub-group within the Community of Interest, so experts across the Network can help shape our work. 

The structure, format and timings for each sub-group will be the primary focus of the first Loneliness Community of Interest. It is planned to agree the CoI’s aim and broader objectives, the frequency of meetings, outputs, and activities. It is envisaged this is a six-month commitment and local Age UKs may wish to involve more than one person from their organisation.

The first Loneliness Community of Interest is being held on 1st December 10.00 – 11.30. At this meeting participants will be asked to select which sub-group they wish to join and a timetable of attendance will be outlined.

If you would like to join the Loneliness Community of Interest, please register via this link.  

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Sarah Jewell:

Age UK Selby District Set to Close

We’re sorry to let you know that earlier this year, Age UK Selby District’s Board of Trustees made the difficult decision to cease operating and close the charity down.

We’re sorry to let you know that earlier this year, Age UK Selby District’s Board of Trustees made the difficult decision to cease operating and close the charity down. Age UK Selby District has faced a number of financial challenges in recent years which have been compounded by significant financial losses due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Age UK and neighbouring local partners are working closely with them to ensure older people know where to turn to for on-going help in the future.

We’re immensely grateful for everything that the staff and volunteers at Age UK Selby District have done to help older people across the area and are deeply sad that the charity has made the decision to close.

Jackie Mook, Chief Officer at Age UK Selby District, said:

“We are very sorry to have to give this news and are conscious it will be upsetting for many local people who have benefited from, delivered or otherwise supported our services.

We will be working as hard as we can over the next few weeks and months to ensure older people know where to turn to for on-going help in the future.

In the meantime, we would like to thank all our hardworking staff, volunteers and supporters for their loyalty, dedication and commitment to Age UK Selby District and to older people in our area.”

As part of the closure process, Age UK Selby District is looking to divest itself of a four and half year-old 14 – seater minibus on a part payment and donate the remainder value basis. This is being offered to the local partner network in the first instance. Vehicle details are as follows:

  • Registration: DK66 CGG
  • Mercedes – Benz Sprinter 514CDI 14-seater minibus in silver
  • Year of make 2017 – first registered 01.02.2017
  • Disabled passenger vehicle with fully working tail lift with up-to-date service record
  • Manual sidestep
  • Fuel type: diesel
  • Mileage: 36,788 at last MOT January 2021
  • Vehicle purchase price £59,892.00 plus VAT. Supplied by Minibus Options.

To help the organisation cover its closure costs and to be in a positive position post closure to leave a local legacy for future service provision across the district, the charity is looking for a part payment contribution of around £20,000.

For further information please contact Age UK Selby District CEO Jackie Mook by email

Reminder: Dementia Awareness eLearning Available

A quick reminder that there are three dementia awareness eLearning modules developed by Alzheimer’s Society available to the Age UK Network.

This is a quick reminder that there are three dementia awareness eLearning modules available to the Age UK Network. Whether you work directly with those living with dementia or not, we hope this eLearning will help to equip Age UK staff and volunteers with the skills and confidence to communicate with people with dementia, face to face and virtually. Find out all the details below:

The three eLearning modules are:
  • Understanding dementia
  • Engaging with people in the early stages of dementia
  • Responding to distressed behaviours
Who can complete the Dementia eLearning?

All modules are open to everyone, all staff, and volunteers. Every learner will receive a certificate upon completion.

How were these modules developed?

These new modules were developed by Alzheimer’s Society.

When should I complete the modules?

The Age UK network will have access to them for 1 year, so best to complete them sooner rather than later!

Please note, it may take up to one hour for the course to be marked as completed and for you to receive the certificate in your inbox. We thank you in advance for your patience.

How long is each module?

Each module takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Once you start, you can save any progress and come back to it.

How do I access these modules?

If you already have an eLearning account, this course will automatically appear under the “learning” section of your dashboard in the eLearning site. You can access it straight away and no action is needed.

If you need to sign up, please complete this form.

Please note that registration to the e-learning site may take a few days. You will receive an email with your log in information once you have been registered.

What do I do once I am logged in?

If you cannot see the modules on your dashboard when you log in, you can find it either by:

  • Clicking onto ‘courses’ and then ‘Dementia eLearning’; or
  • Using the search bar on your home page by typing in ‘Age UK Dementia E-learning Programme’.

If you have any questions on access to the e-learning site, please contact:

Age UK Winter Fundraising Update – Jingle Bakes and Run Your Age

This winter, we’re running two fundraising campaigns! “Run Your Age” returns as a national campaign and we have a new national and local campaign “Jingle Bakes”. Find out how your organisation can get involved.

Earlier this month we were excited to let you know about our 2021 Brand & Fundraising Winter Campaign! As part of this campaign and in line with our strategy to grow and diversify fundraising income, we’re continuing to launch and test community fundraising products. Last year, we launched a national campaign, Run Your Age and this year we’re adding a new campaign that can be run both nationally and locally; a Christmas bake sale called Jingle Bakes. Find out all about both campaigns below, including how your organisation can get involved with Jingle Bakes.

Jingle Bakes 

Jingle Bakes will launch on 1st November.

We’ll be asking members of the public to organise a Jingle Bakes Christmas bake sale at home, or at work, and fundraise for Age UK between 10-12 December. 

We worked with a specialist mass-engagement creative agency to create a Christmas product that can be run nationally and adapted locally by Age UK brand partners – we’d love for you to get involved!

From 3rd November, log in to the Brand Hub and search ‘Jingle Bakes’ to access materials that you can adapt and use locally for your own organisation.

We’re investing money nationally to develop fundraising activities and products with a ‘test and learn’ approach so if you take part in this campaign, please be prepared to share insight into how the concept was received by your local supporters, plus how much you raised. This will be critical to helping us understand whether to develop this mutually beneficial product further – thank you.

Run Your Age 

Secondly, just for your information, we will be marketing, nationally, Run Your Age for a second year, taking the learnings from the 2020 launch test, to trial new elements of the campaign.

Unlike Jingle Bakes, our Run Your Age campaign continues to remain a national-only product while we continue to invest in its development. However, we still wanted to let you know that we will start promotion on 1 November through to the end of December. 

Get in touch

Thank you – and if you have any questions, please email us at

Second Quarterly PIR Closes This Week

The deadline for the second Quarterly PIR is 31st October 2021. Access the form below, along with a Reference Copy and Data Transparency Statement.

A quick reminder that the deadline for the Second Quarterly Partner Information Return is the 31st of October. The form is ready for completion here. This latest PIR covers the period 1st July to 30th September, and asks for the same data as the previous assessment – the reference copy and data transparency statement can be viewed below. Thank you as always for your help in completing the PIR.

Word Document Reference Copy:

Data Transparency Statement:

As mentioned in our earlier post, the data from the first Quarterly PIR has now been analysed, and a report is available to view here. If you have any questions, or would like a copy of the full dataset, please email

November Finance Network Meeting – Save the date

Please save the date for the next Finance Network Meeting on 24th November from 11:00 – 12:30. The topic of this meeting will be “Making Difficult Decisions”.

The next Finance Network Meeting will take place on 24th November from 11:00 – 12:30, and the subject will be ‘Making Difficult Decisions’. Please save the date of this meeting in your calendars and we will send round registration details in the next couple of weeks. You can find out full details of the meeting, including content and presenters, below.

David Brown will be exploring the options for SMTs and trustees to consider when faced with a significant deficit budget forecast which, if forecasts for 2022-23 already provided to us by Partners are correct, is likely to be the case for most of the network. David is a volunteer consultant with Cranfield Trust, former Chief Executive of a Royal Charter professional membership institution, and Deputy chairman of Advantage West Midlands (RDA).

He will begin by reminding us of decision-making ‘rules’ – what we ‘must’, and ‘should’ consider, and what we should ignore. He’ll warn against making hasty decisions which may not be the best decisions, and present a number of factors which demand careful attention.

The content will be relevant for trustees just as much (if not more so) as for senior Partner staff, so we hope a good number of trustees will be able to join the event. Watch out for registration details in the next couple of weeks.

Social Care Can’t Wait Campaign – Help get the Chancellor’s attention before the Spending Review!

As the Spending Review on 27th October approaches, find out how we can focus the Chancellor’s attention on providing sufficient funding for councils’ social care budgets.

Last month we wrote to tell you about the latest stage of our campaign for social care reforms. We’re calling on the Chancellor to provide sufficient funding for councils’ social care budgets in the Spending Review on 27th October, so older people can get the care they need now. We would like to say a huge thank you to those who have supported the campaign so far, and we would be so grateful if you could all join us in a final push in the lead up to the spending review in two weeks’ time. You can take part by writing to your local paper and by posting about the petition on social media – some template wording can be found below.

Our campaigners have asked Rishi Sunak to be a social care hero and we’ve heard that the Chancellor and his team have noticed the campaign. But there’s still work to be done to show the Chancellor how urgent this is.

Campaigners calling on the Chancellor to be a social care hero

Here is how your Age UK can get involved:

If you have 5 minutes… Please share our petition on Social Media:

If you have time to spread the word on your social media channels there is some suggested wording below. You can also find an image for the posts and more social media templates in the Care Can’t Wait pack.


Help us get the Chancellor’s attention and share the petition with your followers. You can follow along to see what other people have been saying here.

Millions of older people need @RishiSunak to be a social care hero. Sign our petition and tell the Chancellor to give care the funding it needs:


‘Without immediate funding, the PM’s #socialcare plan will fail to fix care.

Now it’s up to @RishiSunak to show older people he cares and boost council budgets in the Spending Review.

Join our call on the Chancellor:

#SocialCareCantWait #DoesRishiReallyCare


“For people like Mum, it’s too late. She’s given everything she’s got”.

Sharon just wants the best support for her mum. But the current Government proposals do nothing to help her. She can’t wait until 2023.

Tell Rishi Sunak to help people who need care now. Sign our petition here:

If you have 30 minutes… Please Send a letter to the editor:

Use our template letter to the editor, to get coverage in your local paper. Many MPs read their local paper and the more we can promote the issue of funding for social care in local discourse the more pressure MPs will put on the Chancellor.

Thank you for your support!

Everything detailed in this pack can be found in the ‘Care Can’t Wait’ folder in The Box.