Important Change to Signpost Communications from Age UK

We’re going to stop sending our Daily Signpost Updates and move to a weekly schedule instead. As of the week commencing 14 November, you’ll start to receive Signpost on Fridays at 11am instead of daily.

Following feedback from local Age UKs and consultation with the Age England Association, we are going to turn off our Daily Signpost Updates. Signpost will now be a weekly e-newsletter only to help cut down on the number of messages you receive from Age UK each week. This change will take place automatically from the week commencing Monday 14 November and you don’t need to do anything further – we’ll move recipients from the daily to the weekly email automatically. Full details of this decision can be found below.

What is Signpost? 

Signpost is a regular newsletter from Age UK to local and national Age UKs which all staff can sign up for if they wish – if you are reading this message, it’s likely that you clicked through to it from a Signpost email.

For many years Signpost was a weekly newsletter, until the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, when we started sending daily Signpost messages to communicate the urgent details of the rapidly changing situation as quickly as possible.

Now that we are beyond the height of the pandemic, we have heard clear feedback from local Age UKs (both anecdotally and formally via the Age England Association’s Regional Representatives) that these Daily Signpost Updates are now too frequent.

In response, Signpost will return to being a weekly email only, which will go out on Fridays at 11am. We will stop sending Daily Signpost emails from the week commencing Monday 14 November.

What do I need to do to make sure I still receive Signpost?

Nothing! We will automatically move over those who received the Daily Signpost onto the Weekly version. That said, we would be grateful if you could encourage any colleagues who aren’t currently receiving communications from Age UK to sign up via this form.

Please note: if you have previously unsubscribed from the Daily Signpost Update, you will need to use the form linked above to re-subscribe to the Weekly version.

What if I want to get updates more frequently?

Although the Signpost newsletter will now be weekly, all the news contained in the email will still be published on our WordPress site throughout the week – You can check out the “Latest News” section at any point across the week to see the latest updates from Age UK. There are also several “Hubs” on the WordPress site which group these updates into different categories such as “Events”, “Campaigns”, “Finance” and much more. So, if you miss one of our emails, you can always take a look there.

I’ve been receiving emails every time something is posted on the WordPress site, what happens to these?

When we first started the Daily Signpost Updates, some colleagues also signed up to receive email notifications every time something was posted on our WordPress site. We will also be turning these emails off to cut down on the number of messages you receive from us.

How does the loop fit into this?

Following feedback from across the Age UK Network in 2019 that the loop was frustrating to use, particularly on mobile, we set up a WordPress site to make it easier to access communications from Age UK. This WordPress site is now the best place to go to get the latest news from us – we also put the articles from there into Signpost:

We still use the loop to host long-term information such as I&A guidance as well as confidential information such as press releases that are under embargo. So it’s still useful to have a loop account – please get in touch at to get an account if you don’t have one already.

Get in touch!

In the meantime, if you’d like to provide any feedback on the communications you receive from Age UK, we have created a short form which you can complete here. There is no deadline by which the form needs filling in and you can complete it anonymously if you wish. You can also get in touch with us at any time at

Men’s Health Forum’s Champions Training

Men’s Health Forum is running online training sessions for anyone who wants to empower men to engage with their health by becoming a Men’s Health Champion.

The Men’s Health Forum is running online training sessions for anyone who wishes to become a Men’s Health Champion. Men’s Health Champions are not health professionals but members of the public who care about men’s health and want to help improve it. The training takes place on July 19th and 21st from 10am-12pm and costs £149. You can find out all the details on the Men’s Health Forum website here.

Good news stories from across the Network!

A set of good news stories from across the Network, from TV appearances to redevelopment work!

We’ve received some good news stories from across the Age UK Network to share with you! Age UK Dacorum has teamed up with Nickelodeon UK for a new TV show, Age UK Barnsley’s work with Wortley Golf Club has been featured on regional news, and Age UK Sheffield are set to start work on redeveloping a Coach House into a cafe and community hub. You can find out more about each of these stories below. If you have a story from your organisation that you would like us to share with the Network please let us know at

Nickelodeon UK Teams Up with Age UK Dacorum for New TV Show ‘Goldie’s Oldies’

Age UK Dacorum has been working with Nickelodeon UK on a brand new show ‘Goldie’s Oldies’, which celebrates intergenerational relationships. The live-action series premiered on Monday 15 March.

Goldie’s Oldies revolves around the life of teenager Goldie – played by Imogen Faires – whose life is turned upside down when her family move from the U.S. to England to live with their Grandpa Maury (Gareth Hale, Hale and Pace) and his ‘70 something’ roommates.

As well as focusing on intergenerational relationships, the programme aims to encourage healthy eating and Nickelodeon UK has also worked with Age UK Dacorum to donate Magic Bullet blenders to older residents in Dacorum.

Click here to find out more!

Wortley Golf Club tees up Age Friendly success with Age UK Barnsley

Members and staff at Wortley Golf Club have teamed up with Age UK Barnsley to deliver weekly lunches to older residents in a number of villages in the Penistone area.

Members of the golf club have generously donated to fund the scheme and golf club staff prepare the food. Age UK Barnsley’s staff and volunteers then deliver the meals to the happy recipients. It’s more than just a meal delivery service as this video (courtesy of BBC Look North) shows. The video shows Club Steward Paul Hutton, Age UK Barnsley’s Sharon Haggerty and service user Shirley Everett telling us more.

Age UK Sheffield’s Coach House Redevelopment Set to Start

Age UK Sheffield are thrilled to announce that they have received formal permission from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to start the redevelopment of the Old Coach House in Hillsborough Park, after signing the lease with Sheffield City Council. This is a big step forward for the project which will see the grade II listed building converted into a cafe and community hub that will provide activities and events for the community.

The lease that was officially signed on March 1st includes a long term lease for both the Old Coach House building and the Potting Shed that sits to the side of the Walled Garden. Once converted, the Potting Shed will be used to provide dementia friendly activities from crafting and woodwork to gardening and sewing.

Age UK Sheffield are hoping that the restoration and building work will begin in April.

You can find out more about the project on the Age UK Sheffield website.

Helping older people get the right information and advice

Thank you to everyone who completed our survey back in April to tell us about changes to your I&A service in the light of Covid-19. Some of this information is now out of date, so we have contacted our primary I&A service contact for your organisation to ask for their help in updating their response.

Back in April, we asked your organisations to complete our short online survey to tell us about changes to your I&A service in the light of Covid-19. The information you shared has been invaluable to our national Advice Line colleagues – enabling them to signpost enquiries about local services appropriately to you. Thank you to everyone who submitted a survey.

Three months on and our Advice Line colleagues are finding some of this information is now out of date. We’ve therefore contacted our primary I&A service contact for your organisation, asking if they could take 5 minutes to update us on how your I&A service is currently operating.

If your I&A team is unable to complete the survey directly, please can you arrange for someone to complete it on their behalf here.

You can come back to your response at any time to advise of any further changes to your I&A service. You just need to follow the same link, using the same device and web browser.

Services Survey

Please don’t forget to review and keep up to date your wider Services Survey response to ensure we signpost people appropriately to ALL your services. To access your existing survey response and update on the changed status of any service, open this link from the same browser and device as used previously.

Once completed, we can also turn your Services Survey responses into a content block for your website – saving you time and effort in updating this too. Email to request the code and simple instructions to add the information to your website.

If you have any questions regarding either of these surveys, please contact