Creative Later Life Newsletter – January 2022

The latest edition of the Creative Later Life Newsletter is now available for partners to read.

The latest Creative Later Life e-newsletter is now available to read. As always, the newsletter offers a flavour of what is free, accessible and available online to everyone who wants to get creative this month. The January edition features details of this year’s Age of Creativity Festival, the Arts in Care Homes project, the Art by Post project and a whole host of resources. Click here to view the Creative Later Life newsletter.

The Cost of Cold Campaign – Petition for the Prime Minister

The latest stage of the Cost of Cold Campaign is to petition the Prime Minister to help older people facing unaffordable energy bills. Find out how you can get involved.

Since the launch of the Cost of Cold campaign at the end of 2021, the full scale of the energy crisis and its impact on older people has come into sharp focus. When the cap on energy prices is lifted again in April, millions more older households will join the one million already living in fuel poverty. We’re calling on the Prime Minister to help older people facing unaffordable energy bills and we would be really grateful if your organisation could help to spread the word by sharing our petition online. Find out full details below, including some template wording for social media.

Older people face the ordeal of having to choose between heating or eating. We are asking the Prime Minister to help older people facing unaffordable energy bills and:

  • Remove the 5% VAT rate on energy bills from April until at least the end of 2022.
  • Provide a one off £500 payment to older people on low incomes who qualify for the Cold Weather Payment.

We need to get as many signatures on our petition as fast as possible and we would be really grateful if your organisation could help to spread the word online.

Resources to help spread the word

You can use these campaign resources to write to your MP and your local newspaper editor about our new policy calls and to raise awareness.

Please share the petition online and encourage your supporters to sign. You can find images to share with them in the campaigns resources as well as some suggested wording for social media below:


Unless the Government act now, millions of older people could struggle to pay their bills and keep their homes warm this winter. Will you sign our letter and ask the Prime Minister to help stop older people choose between heating or eating?


Sign our letter and ask the Prime Minister to protect older people from the energy crisis:


Get in touch

Please keep us updated on how the energy crisis is impacting the older people you support. If you would like any support engaging with your MPs or delivering a campaign locally, contact

You can also find the Partner Pack for the Cost of Cold campaign here.

City Arts release free mindful art activity booklet

City Arts have produced a free mindful art activity booklet to reduce isolation, as part of their Create to Connect project. You can download the booklet here.

City Arts have produced a free PDF activity booklet to download as part of their ‘Create to Connect’ project. The specially designed booklets detail art activities that people can do at home, or in a group. City Arts have created these booklets to help combat social isolation and they are designed to be used by people who have not done much art before – although they can be adapted to push skills a little further, should you wish to. Click here to download the booklet or read on to find out more.

Twelve different artists contributed to the book. It includes creative activities focused on mindfulness, painting, drawing, making, writing and storytelling. People can compile their own version of NASA’s Golden Record! Construct a 360 degree illustration! Make a puppet using household recycling!

Click here to view and download the booklet on the City Arts website.

Create to Connect is a project designed to reduce isolation for people aged 55 and over. Artists created a series of resources that older adults could access from the safety of their homes. An addition to art packs, they have included live online workshops and video tutorials.

The Cost of Cold Campaign – Partner Pack now Available!

The Partner Pack for our new “Cost of Cold” campaign is now live! Find out all about the campaign, including how to download the pack below.

As mentioned in our post last week, we’ve launched our new “Cost of Cold” campaign to stop older people being forced to choose between turning on their heating or eating this winter. The Partner Campaign Pack is now live for you to download below. It includes a template letter to your MP asking them to write to the relevant ministers, a template letter to the editor of your local paper and lots of images you can share online to promote the campaign and the services you provide to older people.

We deeply appreciate the support of local partners on this critical work and are always eager to support your work on the frontline too. Get in touch with if you have any further ideas you’d like to explore!

You can view or download the Cost of Cold Campaign Partner Pack below:

Creating a Warm Welcome – learning toolkit from the Ageing Better programme

Learning from the Ageing Better programme has produced some useful guidance on how organisations can create a warm welcome for the older people they are supporting.

The National Lottery Community Fund provided funding worth £87 million over a 7-year period to organisations across the country to tackle social isolation and loneliness. There has been a huge amount of learning gained from that programme, including insight as to how organisations can create a warm welcome for the older people they are supporting to take part in activities and remain connected in their communities. You can find the full toolkit below, along with an insights pack from a recent event on this subject.

You can access the Warm Welcome toolkit here. 

Insights Pack

In addition, an event was held on 14th October to gather together thoughts and ideas from participating organisations as to the implementation of this approach. The feedback from that event is summarised in the insights pack here

This learning may be useful for local Age UK partners when thinking about how they welcome older people into their services.

Contact Details

If you’ve any queries on this please contact Alison Ingram –

New Charity Commission Guidance on Safeguarding

The Charity Commission has revised two safeguarding guidance documents. Find them both below along with some additional information on safeguarding policy and procedures.

Last week, the Charity Commission published two revised guidance documents to support charities and trustees to consider the actions they need to take to safeguard people and protect them from harm. Links to the two documents are below, along with a benchmarking template that you can use if you wish. There is also additional guidance on the role of a Caldicott Guardian as well as further information on safeguarding policy and procedures.

The two revised documents from the Charity Commission are:

We have taken the recommendations from this document and created the attached ‘benchmarking template’. Age UK has used this to consider where we are against the recommendations; identify priority actions; and reassure Trustees about our work in this area. You may want to use this template to complete a similar exercise for your organisation.

Caldicott Guardian Guidance

If you receive funding from the NHS, a Local Authority or other public body to deliver health, care or carer support programmes of work, you may need to appoint a Caldicott Guardian.

A Caldicott Guardian is the conscience of an organisation, their role is to keep people’s data safe and to help guide decision making in relation to the way private, confidential information about patients and service users is used.

The attached guidance below provides further information about which organisations must appoint a Caldicott Guardian, any organisation that the guidance applies to is encouraged to be compliant by 2023.

An e-learning module on the role of the Caldicott Guardian has been created and can be accessed via this link. You should be able to access this for free if you provide services on behalf of the NHS. Most Local Authorities will also provide training for Caldicott Guardians.

Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

Following a recent audit of some local partner safeguarding policies and procedures, it was found that some did not reflect best practice or most up-to-date legislation.

All policies and procedures should:

• Reflect the Care Act 2014 rather than No Secrets (2000), this includes the definitions and language within the documents. For example, the term ‘vulnerable adult’ should be replaced with the term ‘adult at risk’ and the definition of an adult at risk should be taken from the Care Act.
• Include all 10 types of abuse and neglect
• Make reference to making safeguarding personal and the importance of listening to the voice and opinion of the adult at risk.
• Refer to the local authority processes and procedures.
• Include information on safer recruitment or refer to related policies such as DBS and recruitment policies.
• Include information on how to support with wider issues as listed by the Charity Commission such as bullying and harassment or include links to specific policies on these themes.

The SCIE website has useful information or if you would like some assistance with reviewing and updating your policy and procedures, please contact me by emailing

Sources of Support for Local Partners – Latest Information

Age UK’s Quality & Transformation Team have shared an updated sources of support guide for Autumn/Winter 2021-22. Find out full details below.

As we face another challenging winter, the Quality and Transformation team wanted to remind local partners of the help and support that is still available to you. The team have updated the guide below which draws together a range of useful resources which can either be accessed directly (via this site, The Loop or through external organisations) or by contacting your Regional Link. Contact details for Regional Links are listed in the guide but if you have any questions, comments or concerns please email

The full guide can be viewed or downloaded below:

How to get involved with our new “Cost of Cold” Campaign!

We’ve launched our new “Cost of Cold” campaign to persuade the Government to provide extra support to those who will struggle with energy bills over the coming months.

With the cold weather setting in, rising energy prices will leave millions of people unable to afford to stay warm this winter. We’ve launched our new “Cost of Cold” campaign to persuade the Government to provide extra support to those who will struggle with energy bills over the coming months – click here to view our press release about the campaign. We would be very grateful for your help to make sure older people’s health is protected this winter. We will be sending you a digital local campaign pack in Signpost (click here to view!) soon and you can find below some other actions you can take if you have time.

The campaign launched on Friday 26th November and we have already launched an action asking supporters to email their MP. Will you help us encourage your supporters to write to their MPs too?

If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact

Writing to your MP

You can write to your MP here and share the following link with your supporters: There is some suggested wording for sharing the link on social media below.

Sharing the Campaign on Social Media

If you have time, please share the action online with the hashtag #CostofCold. You can find some suggested wording for Twitter and Facebook posts below for you to use if you wish.


Surging energy prices mean too many older people are facing the impossible choice of eating or turning their heating on this winter.

No one should be put in this position.

📝 Ask your MP to support urgent funding to stop people going cold: #CostofCold


Rising energy bills mean hundreds of thousands of older people on low incomes are struggling to keep warm right now.

We still have time to change this. Higher levels of fuel poverty this winter aren’t inevitable.

✉️ Ask your MP to take action #CostofCold


Cold homes are preventable.

Providing a one-off payment of £50 to everyone eligible for Cold Weather Payments is just one way the Government could make a difference now.

Write to your MP to make sure they’re fighting to end to fuel poverty:


Christmas Fundraising Campaign – Campaign Assets now live on Brand Hub

The campaign assets for this year’s Christmas Fundraising Campaign are now available on Brand Hub! Find full details here.

Following on from our recent update about our Christmas Fundraising Campaign, the first batch of Christmas assets are now available on Brand Hub to help you promote your Christmas campaigns on social media. If you click into ‘Assets’ they are right at the top. You will see three different versions of wording for social media, as well as images that are the correct dimensions for those channels.

Last year, you may remember that we adapted our campaign messaging to reflect the increased level of need, with the campaign line ‘Now more than ever, no one should have no one’. This year, we have a new campaign proposition asking supporters to ‘Make Christmas a little brighter for a lonely older person’. Full details can be found here.

A reminder of what you’ll see and where of Age UK’s national campaign

Online: We will be launching an integrated fundraising and brand campaign across our social channels which you may see on Facebook and Instagram, as well as testing new channels such as YouTube and Online Display to really make our campaign as digital first as possible. When streaming TV on digital channels you may also see some videos of Age UK storytellers.

Offline: We have inserts, door drops, partially addressed mail and our Warm Appeal all launching in November. As usual, we will have some PR activity around Christmas and be looking at ways we can involve our celebrity ambassadors to generate coverage and amplify our campaign.

The campaign will be driven by the experiences of real people who have been supported by Age UK’s national Telephone Friendship Services who have been kind enough to share their stories. Our lead storyteller is Terry, who you will see on the majority of our creative, and our two supporting storytellers are Connie and Michael.  All three of them will feature heavily across our digital channels, as well as in print. We are so grateful to them all for sharing their stories with us to help support the Christmas campaign.

Useful contacts 

We’d love it if you’d like to get involved in the campaign this year.  If you have any questions, please find some useful contacts below:

“We Are Undefeatable” charities release “Make Your Move” video series

The charities behind the “We Are Undefeatable” campaign have produced a set of videos aimed at people living with long term conditions, to support them to be more active.

The Richmond Group of Charities’ physical activity coalition – Movement for All – has developed a new physical activity DVD/online video series “Make Your Move”, which is aimed at people living with multiple long term health conditions. Working with the wider partnership behind the award-winning “We Are Undefeatable” campaign and a team of expert instructors, the sessions have been specially designed for people who may experience symptoms such as fatigue, pain, stiffness and low mood. Find out all about the campaign below, including how you can access the videos and some assets to help to spread the word.

The series – Make Your Move – aims to support people to be active at home and is available on DVD and on YouTube. The charities involved hope the DVD and online videos will motivate people to be active in a way that works for them, using simple and varied instructed activities that are designed to improve strength, balance, coordination and energy and reduce stress, and are suitable for a variety of activity levels. The project is supported by National Lottery funding from Sport England.

What Video Sessions are Available?

There are 6 different physical activity sessions, each around 15 minutes long with a chance to take pauses throughout, and no specialist equipment needed.  The sessions are:

  1. Dance with Anne
  2. Energy with Alex
  3. Balance with Sandra
  4. Strength with Alex
  5. Boxing with Michelle
  6. Mindfulness with Sandra

Each one can be tried independently of the others, in any order. No experience or knowledge of a specific activity is needed.

Developed by experienced instructors, the videos offer three different ways of doing the exercises – from a chair, assisted and standing, and have an introduction from Dr Andrew Boyd, GP and Clinical Champion for Physical Activity.    

They focus on ensuring the audience are being mindful of the day-to-day fluctuations in symptoms and therefore their ability to perform the activities. The sessions are accompanied by appropriate safety messages, instructions and signposting to more information and support. 

How to get involved

If you have time and would like to spread the word about the series, you can find a full suite of assets for you to use below, including social media cuts, key messages, newsletter copy and images:

Click here to view all promotion assets for the campaign 

What you can do:

  • Use the hashtag #MakeYourMove along with #WeAreUndefeatable to share the social media assets linked above on any channels
  • Look out for posts from @weareundefeatable and share them too
  • Send out the video content to your audiences via any channel 

Thank you! Movement for All are very grateful for any support in launching these videos.


If you have any questions, or would like to order copies of the Make Your Move DVD, please contact