Have you received communications from a company called ‘the Centre’?

A number of partners have received a speculative marketing message from ‘the Centre for Strategy & Communication’.

A number of partners have contacted us to say that they’ve been contacted by a company called ‘the Centre for Strategy & Communication’. The message says that the company is ‘creating a learning partnership across multiple Age UK sites’ and invites partners to participate in a funded leadership programme tailored to Age UK. We have made some enquiries and it appears that these are speculative marketing messages. Age UK nationally does not have a relationship with this company and we understand that it only has a relationship with one local partner.

Building for a good recovery and stronger future – Zurich webinar recordings now available

The recordings of the first three Zurich webinars are now available, on the topics of: Resilience and Wellbeing; Operating Models; and
Digital Marketing.

Watch the webinars and download accompanying resources here.

We’ve been working with our corporate partner Zurich to help your organisations prepare for and work through recovery – identifying approaches and tools to help you build on the opportunities / learning; and address the challenges that have emerged from the Covid crisis to build for a stronger future.

The webinars aim to help you make changes now that will help your organisations be Covid-19 secure and resilient in the new future landscape.

The recordings of the first three webinars are now available, on the topics of:

  • Resilience and wellbeing
  • Reviewing and reshaping your Operating Model for recovery and beyond
  • Digital Marketing

The feedback has been really positive!

“Please could I ask you to share my appreciation with Zurich in relation to the Target Operating Model webinar – the content of the session and its delivery was absolutely brilliant and a credit to all those involved in it”.

Jamie Anderson, CEO. Age UK Wirral

If you took part in the Operating Models webinar and would like support in using any of the described approaches, please contact our COVID-19 Enquiry Line COVID-19EnquiryLine@ageuk.org.uk

Feedback Form

If you could spare a five minutes this is a short set of questions will help us develop these sessions and identify potential other topics for the future – click here to complete the feedback form.

To access the recordings, please see the details below. Note that you will need to enter your details on the registration pages to access the recording.

Resilience Top Tips – Keith Goddard, Occupational Psychologist (open to all Zurich charity partners)

During this one hour “Resilience and Wellbeing Team Talk”, Keith Goddard, a Registered Occupational and a Registered Sports & Exercise Psychologist, will share his expertise and experience in the field of resilience and wellbeing, focusing on some of the tools and ‘top tips’ individuals & teams can use during challenging times. Keith is a firm believer that by focusing on and getting our own well-being right first puts us in a greater position to support our colleagues and teams.

These past three months have seen new challenges and experiences for us all, with many of us now juggling so many different responsibilities. Many people believe they should just be able to get on and do it, some can… but for the vast majority of us we can benefit from some top tips to help guide us along the way. During this hour long session, we will ensure there is ample time for those joining us to ask questions and probe deeper into some of Keith’s insights.

Watching the recording here.

Downloadable Resources:

Operating Models- including IT Strategy (specific to the Age UK network)

The webinar will provide an overview of what an operating model is, what elements make it up, and run through some tools which can be used to help understand and use various approaches to identify and implement improvements. The key takeaway message is to de-mystify what an Operating Model / Target Operating Model is through providing some practical tools and templates for partners to go back to their teams and assess their own.

Watching the recording here.

Downloadable Resources:

Digital Marketing

This webinar will take a Q&A format where we’ll try and help you with some practical answers and tips around:

  • Digital customer experience including web user experience design and build
  • How your customers find you – such as optimising for Google search
  • Monitoring and analysing your Digital Analytics and how to optimise and improve
  • Managing agencies

Watching the recording here.

Downloadable Resources:

Reminder: Digital support webinar – Tuesday 12th May

The digital team at Age UK is running a digital support webinar to offer guidance on various topics including marketing and fundraising on social media and the internet.

This reminder is for the COVID-19 Digital Support Webinar that is taking place Tuesday 12th May at 2:30pm. The webinar will offer guidance from the Age UK digital team on various topics including marketing and fundraising on social media and the internet.

Everyone is welcome by clicking this link – join Microsoft Teams webinar.

For more information on how to join please see this guidance:

If you have any specific questions and haven’t sent these yet, please send these to bedigital@ageuk.org.uk as soon as possible to give the digital team time to review these.