December Finance Network Meeting – Book your place!

Book your place at the next Finance Network Meeting on December 15th from 11:00 – 12:30. This session will focus on “Charity Legal Structures”.

The next Finance Network Meeting will take place on December 15th from 11:00 – 12:30 and the key session will be “Charity Legal Structures”. The presenter will be Nick Vaughan, of Paris Smith LLP who has been a volunteer consultant with Cranfield Trust since early 2020. To book your place, and / or to subsequently receive a copy of the recording of the event and the slides, please email with: your name and role title; the name of the Brand Partner you are representing; and the email address to which the follow-up material should be sent. Read on to find out all about the meeting, along with a save the date for January’s meeting.

Over the past 18 months, the Financial Governance Team have discussed charity legal structures with several local Age UKs, following a number of questions raised by partners. So, whether you are looking at changing your business model or want to sense-check that your governance structures are appropriate and fit for purpose as we move towards the next financial year, this will be a very useful session to attend.

The following topic areas will be included:

  • Use of Subsidiary Companies for non-primary purpose trading, and consideration of their use for primary purpose trading also
  • Risk considerations – the avoidance of risk to charity assets
  • Independent governance (not all the charity trustees are directors of the subsidiary, and vice versa)
  • Financing aspects – start-up funding; working capital; investment / loans (from the parent charity)
  • Shared premises / staff / facilities – cross-charging / management charges
  • Use of charity logo by subsidiary companies

To book your place, and / or to subsequently receive a copy of the recording of the event and the slides, please email with: your name and role title; the name of the Brand Partner you are representing; and the email address to which the follow-up material should be sent. Read on to find out all about the meeting.

January Finance Network Meeting – Save the Date

With lots of staff set to take leave over the next few weeks, we wanted to flag that the January Finance Network meeting will take place on 19th January 2022 from 11:00 – 12:30. Nick Wilkie, former charity chief executive, government policy adviser and visiting lecturer at The Centre for Charity Effectiveness, will present on the primary topic: Big Plans, Strategy and Business Models.

Nick will share his personal perspectives on leading and landing strategy. Sharing experience not expertise, failure more than triumph, he will reflect broadly across the subject including:

  • making sure everyone in the organisation knows where true north is;
  • knowing who the beneficiaries really are;
  • ensuring all decision-makers properly understand the balance sheet and business model;
  • why things go wrong and how they might get fixed.

This session is primarily aimed at CEOs, although FDs and trustees will be more than welcome, as ever.

Please save the date in your diaries now, as this promises to be a great session.

Sources of Support for Local Partners – Latest Information

Age UK’s Quality & Transformation Team have shared an updated sources of support guide for Autumn/Winter 2021-22. Find out full details below.

As we face another challenging winter, the Quality and Transformation team wanted to remind local partners of the help and support that is still available to you. The team have updated the guide below which draws together a range of useful resources which can either be accessed directly (via this site, The Loop or through external organisations) or by contacting your Regional Link. Contact details for Regional Links are listed in the guide but if you have any questions, comments or concerns please email

The full guide can be viewed or downloaded below:

Maintenance Work on The Loop – Wednesday 1st December

The loop will be down for maintenance on Wednesday 1st December. Find out full details.

This is to let you know that Age UK’s Digital and Technology Team will be doing some essential maintenance work on The Loop, which will means it will be briefly out of action on Wednesday 1st December 2021, between 19:30 to 21:30. If you usually have the ability to edit content on the loop, you will not be able to do so at any point on Wednesday. Find out full details below.

What is happening?

Essential maintenance work is taking place on The Loop on Wednesday 1st December 2021, between 19:30 to 21:30.

When is it happening?

Wednesday 1st December 2021, between 19:30 to 21:30.

How will I be impacted?

The Loop will not be accessible during the times specified above and you will not be able to edit content at any point on Wednesday if you usually have access to do so.

Thank you for your patience – The Digital & Technology Team

How to get involved with our new “Cost of Cold” Campaign!

We’ve launched our new “Cost of Cold” campaign to persuade the Government to provide extra support to those who will struggle with energy bills over the coming months.

With the cold weather setting in, rising energy prices will leave millions of people unable to afford to stay warm this winter. We’ve launched our new “Cost of Cold” campaign to persuade the Government to provide extra support to those who will struggle with energy bills over the coming months – click here to view our press release about the campaign. We would be very grateful for your help to make sure older people’s health is protected this winter. We will be mailing you a local campaign pack soon and you can find below some digital actions you can take if you have time.

The campaign launched on Friday 26th November and we have already launched an action asking supporters to email their MP. Will you help us encourage your supporters to write to their MPs too?

If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact

Writing to your MP

You can write to your MP here and share the following link with your supporters: There is some suggested wording for sharing the link on social media below.

Sharing the Campaign on Social Media

If you have time, please share the action online with the hashtag #CostofCold. You can find some suggested wording for Twitter and Facebook posts below for you to use if you wish.


Surging energy prices mean too many older people are facing the impossible choice of eating or turning their heating on this winter.

No one should be put in this position.

📝 Ask your MP to support urgent funding to stop people going cold: #CostofCold


Rising energy bills mean hundreds of thousands of older people on low incomes are struggling to keep warm right now.

We still have time to change this. Higher levels of fuel poverty this winter aren’t inevitable.

✉️ Ask your MP to take action #CostofCold


Cold homes are preventable.

Providing a one-off payment of £50 to everyone eligible for Cold Weather Payments is just one way the Government could make a difference now.

Write to your MP to make sure they’re fighting to end to fuel poverty:


“We Are Undefeatable” charities release “Make Your Move” video series

The charities behind the “We Are Undefeatable” campaign have produced a set of videos aimed at people living with long term conditions, to support them to be more active.

The Richmond Group of Charities’ physical activity coalition – Movement for All – has developed a new physical activity DVD/online video series “Make Your Move”, which is aimed at people living with multiple long term health conditions. Working with the wider partnership behind the award-winning “We Are Undefeatable” campaign and a team of expert instructors, the sessions have been specially designed for people who may experience symptoms such as fatigue, pain, stiffness and low mood. Find out all about the campaign below, including how you can access the videos and some assets to help to spread the word.

The series – Make Your Move – aims to support people to be active at home and is available on DVD and on YouTube. The charities involved hope the DVD and online videos will motivate people to be active in a way that works for them, using simple and varied instructed activities that are designed to improve strength, balance, coordination and energy and reduce stress, and are suitable for a variety of activity levels. The project is supported by National Lottery funding from Sport England.

What Video Sessions are Available?

There are 6 different physical activity sessions, each around 15 minutes long with a chance to take pauses throughout, and no specialist equipment needed.  The sessions are:

  1. Dance with Anne
  2. Energy with Alex
  3. Balance with Sandra
  4. Strength with Alex
  5. Boxing with Michelle
  6. Mindfulness with Sandra

Each one can be tried independently of the others, in any order. No experience or knowledge of a specific activity is needed.

Developed by experienced instructors, the videos offer three different ways of doing the exercises – from a chair, assisted and standing, and have an introduction from Dr Andrew Boyd, GP and Clinical Champion for Physical Activity.    

They focus on ensuring the audience are being mindful of the day-to-day fluctuations in symptoms and therefore their ability to perform the activities. The sessions are accompanied by appropriate safety messages, instructions and signposting to more information and support. 

How to get involved

If you have time and would like to spread the word about the series, you can find a full suite of assets for you to use below, including social media cuts, key messages, newsletter copy and images:

Click here to view all promotion assets for the campaign 

What you can do:

  • Use the hashtag #MakeYourMove along with #WeAreUndefeatable to share the social media assets linked above on any channels
  • Look out for posts from @weareundefeatable and share them too
  • Send out the video content to your audiences via any channel 

Thank you! Movement for All are very grateful for any support in launching these videos.


If you have any questions, or would like to order copies of the Make Your Move DVD, please contact

Want to learn more about the introduction of ICSs from April 2022?

A reminder that Age UK’s Health Influencing Team are hosting a webinar titled “What’s next for the health and care system?” on Wednesday 1st December.

A quick reminder that the Age UK Health Influencing team would like to invite all Brand Partners to ‘What’s next for the health and care system?’ the latest part of their ongoing webinar series. This webinar, which will be held on the 1st December 2021 at 10am-11.30am, is exclusively for the Age UK Network and will provide further details on the introduction of Integrated Care Systems, including how you can interact with the new system. It is aimed at all staff and volunteers within the Age UK network, so please share with anyone who is interested. To book your place, please contact, or read on for further details.

This webinar will follow on from a previous session (which can be viewed here) where we introduced the changes to the Health and Care System outlined in the Government’s White Paper.

This session will provide an update as to where we are with the proposed changes, what that means for older people, your local system, and the local VCSE sector, including practical examples of where Brand Partners are already engaged with their ICS system.

We are delighted to welcome the following speakers to the session:

  • Roger Davidson, Director of System Partnerships and ICS Development at NHS England and Improvement
  • Chris Naylor, Senior Fellow in Health Policy at The King’s Fund
  • Julian Lloyd, CEO at Age UK Hillingdon, Harrow and Brent
  • Jess Millwood, CEO at Age UK Kensington & Chelsea

The session will include a panel discussion at the end, where we will encourage attendees to ask any questions you may have to our speakers. If you would like to attend the webinar please contact

If you would like to submit a panel question or topic of discussion in advance, please make us aware of this when registering. For those who are unable to attend on the day, the session will be recorded and sent round to the network.

If you would like to attend the webinar please contact

Important Guidance on Obligatory Vaccinations for all CQC Registered Services

From 1st April 2022, individuals undertaking CQC regulated activities in England (including secondary and primary care) must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, regardless of their employer.

On 11th November it became obligatory for all people that work in a care home in any capacity, to be double vaccinated against Covid-19. This same obligation is also being placed on any organisation with a CQC registered service or any with a patient/client facing workforce operating as part of a CQC-regulated service. From 1st April 2022, individuals undertaking CQC regulated activities in England must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, regardless of their employer, including secondary and primary care. Find out more below, including who this regulation applies to and next steps you can take.

On 11th November, it became obligatory for all people that work in a care home in any capacity, to be double vaccinated against Covid-19. That meant that care homes had to dismiss (or redeploy out of the service) any of their staff and volunteers who had not been vaccinated by that date. In order to do this, they needed to prepare, both in terms of gathering the appropriate data on their workforce and also thinking about the process they needed to go though with any staff that were not double vaccinated by the deadline.

The New Regulation

This same obligation is now also placed on any organisation with a CQC registered service or any with a patient/client facing workforce operating as part of a CQC-regulated service. From 1st April 2022 individuals undertaking CQC regulated activities in England must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, regardless of their employer, including secondary and primary care.

The government regulations are expected to come into effect from 1 April 2022, subject to parliamentary process. This means that unvaccinated individuals will need to have had their first dose by 3 February 2022, in order to have received their second dose by the 1 April 2022 deadline.

We know from the implementation of this new regulation in the care home sector that not every single volunteer and staff member will have been vaccinated by the deadline. Some people may refuse the vaccine for health reasons or other reasons personal to themselves. It is very likely that mandatory vaccinations in care services will put some people off coming into or staying in the care sector for their employment.

The overriding risk therefore is that this new regulation will increase the number of staff vacancies and make it more difficult to recruit to care services.

Who does the regulation apply to?

The new regulation applies to any person who works in a client or patient-facing role in any CQC-regulated service, even if their employer is not the regulated provider. It also applies to volunteers in similar roles. People in office-based roles who do not come into contact with service users would not fall under this regulation.

So, for example: an administrator in an office working in a Home Care team who does not see service users in their homes would not require double vaccinations, but a Foot Care Assistant in a regulated home-visiting foot care service, or a volunteer driver in a Hospital Discharge service would fall under this regulation.

Next Steps

We know that one-to-one conversations have been the most effective way to support colleagues to make an informed choice, often leading to vaccination uptake. Therefore, it is important for line managers to arrange and have supportive one-to-one conversations with unvaccinated staff members to identify reasons for vaccine hesitancy and provide information that will support them to make an informed decision about the vaccine.

You can find Covid-19 vaccine communication materials from the NHS here. Organisations should encourage individuals who have not yet been vaccinated to use the resources available and discuss with their own GP or trusted healthcare professional if they wish to have a further conversation or have any questions around vaccination.

It is important that these conversations with staff are supportive and empathetic, rather than coercive. It is also useful to try to make it as simple as possible for staff and volunteers to get the vaccine, for example by allowing time in work for them to do this if necessary, or giving them the locations of the nearest vaccine centres.

It is important that organisations gather the relevant intelligence on their workforce through these conversations – ask staff and volunteers to share with you their vaccine status and to demonstrate this with their vaccine passports, cards or letters. Record which staff have been vaccinated and which will get vaccinated.

Ensure that the deadlines will be met: for a first vaccination, the deadline is 3rd February 2022. For someone awaiting their second vaccination, this could be any time up to 31st March 2022.

It is vital therefore to record details of those staff and volunteers who intend to decline having a vaccination and the reasons why. Unless they are exempt, or later change their mind (it is worth having more than one conversation with colleagues in this position just in case) you will need to be clear with them what your procedure will be from an employment point of view when the deadline passes. Will you be able to redeploy these staff and volunteers to another, non-regulated service? Or, will you need to dismiss them on 1st April? The conversations you have with staff will need to make the consequences clear. Ensure you have sought HR advice on the dismissal process and what letters and other communication will be required for those staff.

Organisations need to start acting now to gather appropriate data and consider the actions required of them and their staff by 1st April 2022.


If you have any questions about this guidance, please contact:

Reminder: Deadline Extended for Dementia Programme Grant Funding!

A reminder that the deadline to apply for the second round of grant funding for the Dementia MCST Programme has been extended to Monday 6th December.

A quick reminder that we have extended the deadline to apply for grant funding for the Dementia MCST Programme, with at least 12 grants still available! We appreciate that this is a very busy time of year, so we hope this extra time will enable more Partners to be part of this exciting programme. The application process remains the same and you can find out full details about the programme, including how to apply, on the Loop here. Applications are open until midday on Monday 6th December.

We would welcome all applications, however if you feel you are best placed to apply in our final cohort later next year then please let us know here.

If you have any queries about this funding opportunity, then please don’t hesitate to email

If you have any queries about this funding opportunity, then please email the team on If you’re having any trouble accessing the loop please email

We are very much looking forward to continuing our work with the Age UK Network in making this programme a great success.

Fundraising Bulletin #16 – Updates on Public, Corporate, Trusts and Public Sector Funding | November 2021

The latest fundraising bulletin is now available for you to view below. There’s still time to complete our short feedback survey about this bulletin too.

Welcome to the latest funding bulletin! This edition includes an update on a proposed new round of the Tackling Inequalities Fund – now called the Together Fund, a highlight feature on the Age UK Think Digital programme, and new and ongoing grant funding opportunities for local Age UKs. We hope you find it useful. A big thank you to everyone who has responded to our feedback form about this bulletin so far, the survey will remain open until November 30th, so there’s still time to share your thoughts if you’d like to.

You can view or download the Bulletin below:

Age UK Financial Governance Virtual Masterclass Programme – One week left to apply!

There’s one week left to apply for the upcoming Virtual Financial Governance Masterclass Programme! Find full details here.

A quick reminder that applications close on 30th November for the Financial Governance Masterclass Programme, set to be delivered by Moore Kingston Smith in early 2022. This programme is open to all Age UK and Age Cymru Brand Partners and will support up to a total of 16 participants with a maximum of two attendees from each local partner. Find out full details below, including how to apply for a place.

As we start to consider coming out of the pandemic, the Age UK Network is thinking about how to navigate the future. Many Brand Partners have commented to Age UK’s Financial Governance Team about the complexity of this landscape as they try to navigate the competing forces of impact (and meeting older people’s needs) whilst ensuring financial sustainability for the future, especially with changing funding flows.

This virtual masterclass series, held in partnership with Moore Kingston Smith Nonprofit Advisory, will explore the complex financial governance landscape from seven different angles:

  • Strategy and competing priorities – Focusing on the right things and the real core issues.
  • Impact – Focusing resources and money on the outcomes we achieve for older people and their lives and aligning our money with this.
  • Financial Sustainability – Using our money and funding effectively (both unrestricted and restricted funds) to build a business model which balances risk, reserves and long-term sustainability. We will also look at cost recovery and better use of reserves within this.
  • Re-imagining services (and developing social businesses) – Re-imagining your work, and specifically the shift towards more earned income models.
  • Efficiency – Driving efficiencies through the organisation and its work.
  • Fundraising – Making better use of fundraising and ensuring we maximise return on investment.
  • Change – Finally, no change can take place without the trustees, management, staff and volunteers being motivated and aligned for the future. The course will focus on change and how to lead in this environment.

The course

The course will be delivered by Moore Kingston Smith Nonprofit Advisory (MKSNA) as a series of morning online / virtual sessions and 1:1 support.

The online sessions will take place over five Thursday mornings between 10 January and 27 February 2022 with a break in between to allow time for follow-up with each Brand Partner’s attendees.

The aim is a facilitated conversation with attendees rather than direct teaching in order to assess what each attendee’s needs really are and provide bespoke help to them.

Benefits of the programme to you

  • Develop your knowledge of cutting-edge tools and tactics.
  • Create an opportunity for self-reflection and peer-to-peer learning.

Benefits of the programme to your organisation

  • Each participant will leave the programme with a framework for creating change in their organisation.
  • Drive organisational change by develop­ing new knowledge and skills.
  • Generate new thinking about strategy, financial sustainability and growth.
  • Develop a set of responses to ensure that your organisation can thrive in a tough operating environment.

Interested? Apply today!

This programme is open to all Age UK and Age Cymru Brand Partners and will support up to a total of 16 participants with a maximum of two attendees from each local partner. We will use the information you set out in the application form below to select the participants.

Please find full details and how to apply below:

Deadline for applications: 5.00pm Tuesday 30th November.

If you have any questions relating to the programme, or would like further information please contact  or