Upcoming Live Longer Better Event – 8th June 2022

All Age UKs are invited to attend the next Live Longer Better Thought Leadership National Event on Wednesday 8th June from 10:00-11:30.

All Age UKs are invited to join the next Live Longer Better Thought Leadership Event which will focus on the Health and Care Bill. The webinar takes place on Wednesday 8th June from 10:00 – 11:30. Read on to find out more, or click here to book your place.

The NHS was set up as a single organisation in 1948 – numerous bureaucracies, but one organisation, one family. From 1990, collaboration was stopped and competition began.

We now have an Act of Parliament, the Health and Care Bill which has received Royal Assent, enacting the most significant health legislation in a decade into law. Integrated systems were deemed essential, with their four purposes outlined:

  1. Improving population health and healthcare;
  2. Tackling unequal outcomes and access;
  3. Enhancing productivity and value for money; and
  4. Helping the NHS to support broader social and economic development.

This marks a milestone in the recovery and reform of how health and care services work together. The Live Longer Better programme was designed on these principles, recognising that activity: physical, cognitive and emotional, is an essential part of population health management and MUST be integral to improving community health and longevity.

This Live Longer Better National Event takes a consultative approach with National Clinical Directors.

Register for this event to find out their barriers and hurdles, understand how physical activity can help them quantify the benefits of overcoming these problems and support delivery on their key objectives.

Our LLB National Events have proved extremely popular – over 2,000 delegates have attended our last 7 events with cross sector representation. Delegates confirmed that the events “fully met their expectations”.

This Live Longer Better collaboration between Sir Muir Gray, Optimal Ageing Associates and Active Partnerships provides a unique combination of skills and resources, bringing together the cultures of coaching and health. We look forward to sharing some excellent presentations and speakers around the Live Longer Better work.

Urgent action on social care: Stop changes to the cap on care costs

The Health & Care Bill will be returning to the House of Commons next week and we anticipate the government will make changes that will water down the cap on social care costs. Find out how you can help to stop these changes.

The Health & Care Bill will be returning to the House of Commons next week, after being debated in the House of Lords. The Government had tabled amendments to the cap on social care costs, which would have watered down the cap and left it beyond the reach of many older people. The House of Lords voted to remove this amendment, therefore preserving the cap and ensuring it serves everyone and not just the wealthiest. We anticipate the Government will bring back a similar amendment when the bill is debated again by MPs. Find out how you can help to stop changes to the cap on care costs below.

Age UK’s analysis shows that the Government’s planned changes would result in:

  • more than 4 in 5 older people seeing no benefit of the cap at all
  • poorer older people being much more likely to die before they reach the cap than someone who is better off with the same care needs.

Age UK believes the cap should benefit everyone accessing care services and that this shouldn’t be denied to those with few or modest assets or those who live in poorer regions of the country. We need MPs to understand why these changes are unfair and regressive and to vote against them if they are proposed again.

Please use this template letter to write to your MP asking them to oppose these changes to the cap. You can also include this general briefing on amendments to the bill and this briefing specifically on the changes to the cap. The bill could be debated again as early as Wednesday 30th March, so if you could send this letter to your MPs as soon as possible, we should be able to build opposition to these changes.

For further details or support with engaging your MPs, please contact luke.pilot@ageuk.org.uk.

Thank you as always for your support.