Age UK Press Release on new Digital Exclusion Research

Age UK’s new report “Digital inclusion and older people – how have things changed in a Covid-19 world?” will be published today, find the full press release here.

Age UK has sent out the following press release today highlighting new Age UK analysis which has found nearly two million over-75s in England are still digitally excluded in a Covid-19 world. On the back of these findings we’re calling for greater support for those who are offline and finding it increasingly difficult to access essential goods and services could leave millions of older people high and dry.

Age UK’s new report Digital inclusion and older people – how have things changed in a Covid-19 world? – published today – shows that while just under a quarter (24%) of over-75s in England have increased their internet usage since the pandemic hit, this is mainly driven by existing users going online more often. Most older online users say their use has remained unchanged, with nearly one in 10 (9%) actually using it less.

You can download the full press release below:

National Voices inviting examples of practical ways to help people access virtual health services

National Voices are inviting examples of practical ways to support people who might find it difficult to access virtual health services.

National Voices, a coalition of health and social care charities in England, are collating examples of Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) led innovation during Covid-19 on behalf of the Innovation, Research and Life Sciences team at NHS England and Improvement. Covid-19 has meant changes in the ways that people access services and accelerated a move to virtual and remote models of care – a digital “front door”. This has opened up many opportunities for efficiencies, innovation, and easier access, but has also thrown a spotlight on health inequalities, the barriers for people to access health and social care and the digital

The voluntary and community sector, sometimes in partnership with health organisations, has been adapting its support offer during the Covid-19 pandemic and has much to share in this area.

National Voices are interested in finding and sharing practical ways to support people who might find it difficult to access virtual health services and who might be affected by wider inequalities. They want to know how services have continued to involve people in decisions about their care and the organisations that deliver it.

If you have a story/innovation to share, please get in touch with, or

New Microsoft Teams training session and updated links for upcoming sessions

Microsoft have offered a new training session for the Age UK Network to learn more about using Microsoft Teams. Find out how to join below.

We’re excited to offer another Teams training session, run by Microsoft, on February 10th. Alongside colleagues at Age UK, this is a wonderful opportunity for all Brand Partners who use MS Teams to learn new skills directly from Microsoft. This new training session will cover how to set up meetings on Teams and you can find the link to join below. PLEASE NOTE: We now have an updated link for the upcoming “Breakout Rooms Training Session” which we announced last month, please use the updated link below to join this meeting on February 19th at 2pm.

Wednesday 10th Feb 4-5pm GMT – Teams Meetings

This session will focus on how to set up and manage meetings on Teams.

Wednesday 17th Feb 2-3pm GMT – Teams 100

This session will cover the basics of Microsoft Teams. So if you do not feel confident using Teams, this session is for you. The session will cover navigating Teams, using chat, collaborating in Teams, calendar and meetings, making calls, sharing files and more.

Friday 19th Feb 2-3pm GMTBreakout Rooms Training

Attend this session to learn how to split meeting attendees into mini-groups during a meeting, and how to get the most out of this long-awaited new feature.

Digital communications training for charities

Media Trust’s Digital Comms Programme will provide free digital communications training, mentoring and resources tailored to charities across the UK.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is long-lasting, with 56% of charities reporting that demand for their services is going to surge due to local lockdown restrictions. Now more than ever, charities are looking to upskill in marketing and communications to ensure they reach those in need amidst a noisy digital world. Media Trust’s Digital Comms Programme provides free digital communications training, mentoring and resources tailored to charities across the UK. Find out all the details and book your place on the Media Trust website.

Book your place at the Virtual Finance Network Meeting

Age UK’s Financial Resilience Team are hosting a Virtual Finance Network meeting on 27th January. Find out how to book your place.

On Wednesday 27th January, we are hosting a Virtual Finance Network meeting (from 11:00 to 13:00) which will include a key presentation from Crowe UK LLP, a leading audit, tax, advisory and risk firm, which manages our Age UK VAT Helpline. Full details can be found in the article below. To book your place please email and

This meeting will cover a range of current VAT topics:

  • Business/non-business and partial exemption – the partial exemption year for 20/21 is going to be very different and VATable income will have taken a steep downward turn, reducing the overhead VAT recoverable.
  • Knowing when NOT to pay VAT on certain purchases
  • Paying deferred VAT – options and practicalities
  • Making Tax Digital – phase 2 roll out and much more. All businesses, even those voluntarily registered, will need to submit digitally from 2022

The meeting will also include the Network Infrastructure Programme where colleagues will share a brief update on their various key workstreams and other work in progress. In particular:

  • The new accounting system build with Age UK Coventry & Warwickshire, using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central with the Microsoft Partner, Total Enterprise Solutions (TES)
  • The Charitylog links to finance

Time permitting, there will also be an opportunity to raise other finance questions and share common challenges and good practice. If there are any other specific topics you would like to discuss on the day, please raise them prior to the meeting by email to and We will endeavour to accommodate them or to include them in the February meeting which will focus primarily on financial planning for 2021-22 and consider how to approach a potential ‘new normal’ (date yet to be agreed).

To book your place for the 27th January meeting and enable us to send you the meeting link, please email and

You are invited to hear more about Active Partnership’s Live Longer Better initiative

Active Partnerships is inviting all local Age UKs to join them at an online event on Thursday 21 January about the Live Longer Better initiative.

Active Partnerships, a leading organisation promoting the benefits of physical activity and sport to bring about positive change for individuals and communities, is inviting all local Age UKs to join them at an online event on Thursday 21 January about the Live Longer Better initiative.   

Live Longer Better is about shifting public and professional perceptions of ageing to create a new culture that redefines the concept of care for older adults, using physical activity as the driver to increase healthspan and improve mental health.

Age UK and Age UK Oxfordshire are part of an early stage working group led by Active Partnerships that is looking to develop this initiative in the longer term. 

Active Partnerships Live Longer Better Event

Active Partnerships is delighted to be hosting its first Live Longer Better event on Thursday 21st January from 10am to midday.

Who is the event for: Active Partnerships, National organisations, local stakeholders, including local Age UK representatives.

Programme for the event: We will be joined by a number of guest speakers who will guide us through the national impact of ageing and Covid-19 and present examples of local good practice:-

  • Jess Kuehne, The Centre for Ageing Better will give us an insight into the State of Ageing 2020
  • Charlotte Lynch, Age UK will share the latest information on the effects of Covid-19 and why physical activity is even more important
  • Sir Muir Gray, Optimal Ageing will provide us with some of the science and the evidence to help us Live Longer Better
  • GreaterSport Manchester will tell us about the importance of their Ageing Hub
  • We’ll hear about the Active Medicine physical activity and behaviour change course
  • Age UK Milton Keynes will share information about their Befriending & Walking Programme

To register for the event please click here.

Any queries please don’t hesitate to email Debra Weekes at

Kind regards

Live Longer Better Community of Practice & Learning

Free support for charities from Google

Find out how you could access free mentoring and support from Google.

Google is currently providing free 1:1 mentoring and support to small businesses and charities through its Digital Boost programme. Their support includes 1:1 mentoring calls, tailored to your needs; webinars and workshops to help boost your business opportunities (e.g. Facebook ads, payment systems etc) and they also offer a comprehensive resource library with a range of articles and online courses. To find out more, please click here.

Reminder: Tablets available to donate to older people

There are still some tablets available to donate to older people most at risk of digital exclusion. Do you know older people in your community who could benefit from a tablet donation?

This is a quick reminder that Dixons Carphone have kindly donated a number of tablets to the Age UK Network, to help us to support older people who are currently offline and digitally excluded. We still have some devices left to donate and we need your help to reach older people most at risk of digital exclusion, to ensure that they can benefit from this opportunity. Full details can be found below.

Dixons Carphone have kindly donated a number of tablets to Age UK, to help us to support older people who are currently offline and digitally excluded.  

So far, we have been able to donate over 350 tablets to older people in need through our Telephone Friendship Service, Gifted Housing membership and the Age UK Sounding Board. These donations are already helping these older people get online, get connected and ultimately, to live a more included and independent.  

“The gift of the tablet is going to make such a difference to my life. It will give me independence for shopping, dealing with appointments and generally to recover some of my social life lost to COVID-19” Tablet recipient, aged 90  

We have 110 devices left to donate and we need your help to reach older people most at risk of digital exclusion, to ensure that they can benefit from this opportunity.  

Each donation pack includes:  

  • 1 x Tablet  
  • 1 x Dongle (connectivity)  
  • 1 x user-friendly instruction guide to help get started (written by Age UK) 

We understand that lots of older people who might benefit from a tablet may not have the confidence or skills to make the most of their new device. To support them to do so, Dixons Carphone are supporting us with a free Tech Helpline, where their staff volunteers can answer any questions that an older person might have about their new device – whether that be simply switching it on, making a video call, or doing their shopping online! This Tech Helpline will be available until the end of January 2021.  

With their consent, Age UK will liaise directly with the older person interested in this opportunity to ensure that they and we have everything that is needed to get a tablet to them! Rest assured that no personal data will be shared with or stored by Dixons Carphone directly, and all communications with the older person will be from Age UK directly.  

Do you know older people in your community who could benefit from a tablet donation? These older people would currently not have access to a device of their own, and would be willing and motivated to get online with their new device. 

Do you deliver digital skills support through your organisation, and would this service have the capacity to help tablet recipients in your community? Older people with no or low-level digital skills may need initial and/or ongoing support to make the most of their new device, and therefore may need access to this upon receipt. Whilst the Tech Helpline can provide support until January 2021, support may be needed after this date. 

How to get involved

If you know of someone in your community who could benefit from this opportunity, and are able to support them to make the most of their new device, please get in touch with by 12pm Friday 8th January 2021.

Please provide:  

  1. Details of the digital skills support provided through your organisation  
  1. The full name and contact telephone number for the individuals interested in receiving a device  
  1. Consent forms for individuals to be contacted by Age UK to arrange delivery of the device – please use your own template 
  1. Consent from a minimum of one older person to provide feedback about how they found using the device  


Are we able to use these devices to support our staff and volunteers to deliver services?  

Due to the restrictions set by the funder on this donation, we are unable to donate the tablets to be used by staff or volunteers and need to be donated directly to older people.  

Is there a limit on how many older people I can put forward for a device donation?  

We want to ensure that as many older people across the country (England and Wales) as possible can take advantage of this opportunity, and therefore are limiting the number of donations per brand partner to five each.  

Will we need to manage the distribution of devices in our local area?  

Once you provide us with the details of the older person/people who are interested in a device, we will then call the older person to confirm that they are happy to receive a device, and ensure that they have all the information that they need. We will then work with our warehouse in Warrington to distribute the tablets accordingly. Once the older person has received their device, you will be able to liaise with them about initial or ongoing support, as part of your digital inclusion service.  

When will the older person/people we put forward receive their device?  

We are asking for details of the individuals that you think would benefit from a donation by 12pm Friday 8th January 2021. We will then speak with older people the following week, and plan to distribute tablets to older people no later than Wednesday 20th January 2021. Older people should receive their devices within 48 hours of dispatch.    

Do we need to provide any feedback to Age UK?  

As with all our services and programmes, our funders are interested in the impact that their funding/ donation is having on older people. Therefore, we want to speak with some of those who receive a device to understand how they found using their tablet. Please discuss with the individual whether they are happy to speak with us about their experience during initial conversations. We ask that at least one older person you put forward to us has provided consent for us to speak with them.  

What if we don’t deliver digital inclusion services, can we still put forward older people?  

We understand that many older people who are currently offline need not only support with access to technology, but also the support to develop their confidence and skills to make the most of a new device. In fact, receiving a device without this support can increase the barriers to getting online that an older person already faces. Therefore, to ensure that older people can benefit from this opportunity, we ask that you are able to provide this support to individuals, for example through the delivery of staff- or volunteer-led remote digital skills support sessions.  

Free tickets to King’s Singers’ digital concerts offered to Age UKs

The King’s Singers Global Foundation have made 900 tickets to their digital tour available for free for Age UKs to advertise to their networks.

The touring a cappella group The King’s Singers, and their charity, The King’s Singers Global Foundation have been recording their recent concerts to be streamed during lockdown. Their Foundation has made 900 tickets available for free for their Digital Tour to be used by people who are isolated and those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to watch the shows.  These tickets will not be advertised to the general public to ensure they are available for the groups intended and the Foundation are keen to offer these tickets to people who use Age UK services across the country.

The Foundation has set up a sign-up form for tickets which is live throughout November. The tickets will be sent out in early December and the concerts will be available online until 31 December. A trailer of one of their concerts can be viewed here.

If you would like to offer these free tickets to people in your networks, the Foundation has created a template email for you to adapt and use which you can download below:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Christie Starrett, Executive Director of The King’s Singers Global Foundation. Her email is

LG Inform Training Available

A number of sessions to support you in getting the best out of LG Inform are available throughout November.

Age UK provides access to the LG Inform Platform for all Age UK Partners. Created by the Local Government Association, LG Inform provides access to local data across a range of indicators from population to Covid-19 statistics. A number of reports have also been created specifically for Age UKs to use. To register to use the system please click here.

Training Available

A number of training sessions to support you in getting the best out of LG Inform are available throughout November.  All the sessions will be held virtually through Microsoft Teams.  If you are interested in attending any of these sessions please contact:

Introduction to LG Inform Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of LG Inform, including a walkthrough of the public pages, using the headline and standard reports, how to find ready-made reports: including the Age UK branded reports, and how to use the search function to find data. There will be a brief introduction to the resources for signed-in users.

  • 3rd November 10am
  • 5th November 10am
  • 10th November 10am
  • 12th November 10am
Report Building Webinar

Our report builder session take you through the process of building and saving a report in LG Inform. A report can be made up of just one component, a text box, chart, map or table or several components to serve your purpose. 

  • 17th November 10am
  • 19th November 10am
  • 24th November 10am
  • 26th November 10am