Age UK Network News Roundup – 27/05/22

Take a look at the latest weekly roundup of news from across the Age UK Network.

We start this week’s Network News Roundup by welcoming Mark Russell to the Chief Officer position at Age UK Buckinghamshire, read on to view a message from their team. There’s also several new vacancies at Age UK Buckinghamshire; Age UK Cambridgeshire & Peterbrough; and Age UK Calderdale & Kirklees.

There will be no Roundup next week due to the bank holidays. But if you have a story from your organisation that you would like us to share with the Network, such as recent events, campaigns, or awards, please let us know at and we’ll add it to the next roundup.

Age UK Buckinghamshire appoint new CEO

Age UK Buckinghamshire are pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Russell as their new CEO! The team have shared the following message:

Mark brings a wealth of experience from corporate and charity sectors, and joins us when our services across I&A, befriending, welfare support, and hospital discharge are expanding to meet the growing needs of older people across Buckinghamshire

We’d like to welcome Mark to the Age UK Network, we look forward to working with you!

Age UK Buckinghamshire also have open vacancies for an I&A Officer and a Hospital Discharge Support Worker.

Three open roles at Age UK Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

Age UK Cambridgeshire & Peterborough are currently recruiting for three vacancies.

They are looking to hire a Community Warden in Cambridge city, as well as a Community Warden Team Leader to support older people to remain living on their own.

They also have a vacancy for a Sharing Time Organiser. This role will require using administrative skills to match volunteers with older people wishing to use the sharing time service. The Organiser will undertake assessment visits to older person at home and assess, induct and support volunteers.

Find out more details on the Age UK Cambridgeshire and Peterborough website.

Four vacancies at Age UK Calderdale & Kirklees

Age UK Calderdale and Kirklees are currently looking to hire for four new roles, click below to find out more about each position.

Find out more on the Age UK Calderdale & Kirklees website.

Age UK Bristol seeks Project Co-ordinator 

Age UK Bristol are currently seeking a Project Co-ordinator to help develop and deliver community-based clinics that are run in conjunction with a nursing team. This project needs a highly organised person who can capture the outcomes through effective monitoring and reporting.

Find out full details on the Age UK Bristol website.

Closing date: 9am Monday 20 June

Two Open Roles at Age UK Blackburn with Darwen

Age UK Blackburn with Darwen are recruiting for two roles: Befriending Services Co-ordinator and Integrated Care Co-ordinator.

The Befriending Services Co-ordinator will focus on the development & delivery of Age UK Blackburn with Darwen’s Befriending Services to reduce isolation and loneliness.

The Integrated Care Co-ordinator will work across Blackburn with Darwen to provide assessment, support and information to prevent the deterioration of health & wellbeing.

Find out more on the Age UK Blackburn with Darwen website.

Closing Date: 6th June 2022

Two Vacancies at Age UK Sutton

Age UK Sutton are looking for an Officer within their Let’s Connect service to support older people in the Borough of Sutton to alleviate loneliness and isolation. The role will include championing the service and be responsible for matching people referred to the service with suitable volunteers, so they can begin their social relationship.

Age UK Sutton are also looking to hire a Social Prescribing Link Worker to work with adults in Sutton, supporting them to find lasting solutions to social issues and personal challenges.

Find out more details on the Age UK Sutton website.

Closing dates: Monday 6th June

Two Vacancies at Age UK Somerset

Age UK Somerset are seeking applications for two open roles: Volunteering & Communications Administrator and Information & Support Manager.

The Volunteering & Communications Administrator will mainly provide administration for the recruitment and support of volunteers, but will also have the opportunity through the communications side of the role to help Age UK Somerset to reach the older people who need their support the most.

The Information & Support Manager will direct and manage teams of staff and volunteers to deliver and develop services that include Information & Advice, Dementia Support and Active Befriending. Age UK Somerset are seeking an experienced service manager with excellent team leadership, interpersonal and communication skills.

Find out full details on the Age UK Somerset website.

Community Assessment Team Lead and Trustee positions at Age UK Plymouth

Age UK Plymouth are currently seeking a Community Assessment Team Lead.

The Community Assessment Team Lead will undertake assessments for new and existing customers for the purpose of planning and reviewing their home care needs in order to provide a package of holistic support. This will include assessments undertaken as part of our commissioned hospital discharge packages. 

Age UK Plymouth are also looking to appoint new Trustees to its Board to help shape Age UK Plymouth’s future as the Charity continues to develop new and existing services.

Find out full details on the Age UK Plymouth website.

Information and Advice Advisor Role at Age UK Richmond upon Thames

Age UK Richmond upon Thames are seeking an Information and Advice Advisor. The role will include providing information on a wide range of queries, over the telephone, by email, and in person – referring and signposting where necessary into other Age UK Richmond services and other support provided by their partners.

Find out full details on the Age UK Richmond upon Thames website.

Two open roles at Age UK Solihull

Age UK Solihull has two opportunities currently available:

They are looking for Home Support Workers to support older people to remain living independently and safely in their own homes for as long as they wish. Closing date: N/A (ongoing recruitment)

They are also looking for Trustees to join their Board to help ensure that they are always doing the very best for the large older population in the borough. Closing date: N/A (ongoing)

Find out more about the above roles on the Age UK Solihull website.

Age UK Milton Keynes looking to recruit new Trustees

Age UK Milton Keynes are currently seeking several new Trustees for their Board. Each trustee should use any specific knowledge or experience they may have to help the Board reach sound decisions. This will involve scrutinising Board papers, leading discussions, focusing on key issues, providing advice and guidance.

The time commitment will be to attend four Board meetings per year, an annual strategy day, and ad-hoc meetings related to your skill set. Most meetings are held at Age UK Milton Keynes’ headquarters.

Find out full details on the Age UK Milton Keynes website.

Get in touch!

If you have a story from your organisation that you would like us to share with the Network, please let us know at

You can also view a full list of open roles across the network here.

Dementia MCST Programme – Final round of funding now open!

A reminder that applications for the final round of funding for the Dementia Maintenance Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (MCST) Programme are open! Find out full details below.

A reminder that applications for our third and final round of funding for Dementia Maintenance Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (MCST) Programme are open! This is the final grant period for our MCST programme, the grants are for £20,000 and the closing date for applications is Midday on Monday 13th June 2022.

You can find out full details of this funding on the loop here, and please do get in touch if you have any questions –

We look forward to receiving your applications. Please feel free to contact if you feel a small deadline extension following the 13th of June would be helpful.

If you are having any trouble accessing the loop, please email

Upcoming Event: Updates from our Loneliness Community of Interest 

Book your place at the upcoming update event from the Age UK Network’s Loneliness Community of Interest. The event will be held on Wednesday 8th June, 10.00 – 11.30.

There are a few places left at the Age UK Update Event exploring the work of the Loneliness Community of Interest. This event will be held on Wednesday 8th June, 10.00 – 11.30. If you would like to take part, please register using the link here or read on for full details.

Please join us to hear about the discussions we have had, input into our proposed approaches but also to hear about our learning focusing on:

  • Identifying and assessing loneliness risk and need 
  • Guided Conversations and goal setting
  • Community asset mapping and local partnerships 
  • Delivering a multi stranded offer to older people 

The Update Event will be held on Wednesday 8th June 2022, 10.00 – 11.30. If you would like to take part, please register using the link here

For further information about the Event please contact: 

Sarah Jewell: or Lauren Chalk: 

A Guide to the Brand Partner Portal Week 3 – The Website Integration Function

Week 3 of our six-part series “Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the Brand Partner Portal” takes us through the Website Integration function.

Welcome to Week Three of the Brand Partner Portal (BPP) overview! Last week we wrote to you about the I&A Integration function. If you missed it, you can click here to view all the articles in this series so far.  This week, we’re looking at the Website Integration function – we recommend sharing this article with the staff member at your organisation who manages your website.

Website Integration is the BPP function that will make your organisation’s Services & Shops (and shortly Events & Activities) searchable for the 2 million monthly viewers of the Age UK website. This function will increase traffic to local websites by increasing visibility of local service/shop/event offerings to visitors on the national website. It will also allow users to filter results on your own site so they can more easily find what they are looking for.

Changes to the way your website works

In order to achieve this searchability, we need to make some changes to the way you upload content to your website. Currently, websites are created and managed through Episerver – a Content Management System (CMS). However, in order to allow your services/shops/events to be searchable through the national site and to be filtered on your own site, we need to restructure the way this information is input into your websites.

This will happen through a process known as content rationalisation and migration.

What is Content Rationalisation and Migration?

This is a lot easier than it sounds! We’ve created some dedicated templates for partners to use for uploading Services/Shops/Events to their websites. In the first instance, we’ll be asking you to simply move your existing Services/Shops/Events website info into these templates. Once this is complete, we will be supporting you to then replace your existing Services/Shops/Events pages with these new portal pages.

This exercise is a one-off. Once you’ve moved the existing content, adding and updating Services/Shops/Events will simply happen as usual except this time, you’ll be inputting this new information into the portal templates instead of into the CMS.

We will be guiding you through this process to make the transition as smooth as possible – you can find out more about this in the next section.

The new portal pages will still be found under the same navigation bar you currently have on your websites (see below).

Once your Services/Events/Shops information is migrated to the new templates, not only will the information be searchable through the national website, it will also be searchable on your own site. Users will be able to filter results to find exactly the Service/Event/Shop they are looking for.

See below for an example of what this will look like. In the example, we have filtered the results to only show us Day Care Centre Services.

Guiding you through the process

The initial migration of existing content to the new portal templates is underway. We’re running a series of 6 “Sprints” to help partners through this process.

Sprints are blocks of time in which we help partners to upload their Services and Shops content into the BPP. Some of you have already been part of our Website Integration sprints and we are currently in Sprint 3. We’ve been working hard to streamline this process for partners and our current sprint is running like clockwork.

For those brand partners who have not yet joined a Website Integration sprint, this is what you can expect:

1. Overview webinar – A couple of weeks before the sprint begins, we’ll run an overview webinar for your teams to give them an idea of what to expect and how they can prepare for the sprint.

2. Kick-off workshop – This is when we go over the nuts and bolts of the website integration process with the brand partners’ lead person. This is usually your website lead or marketing person.

3. 1 to 1 Meetings – Our team holds 1 to 1 meetings with each brand partner on the sprint to go over the details of the portal templates and to support you with any questions you might have. These happen in the first two weeks of the sprint.

4. Weekly drop-ins – we also hold a weekly drop-in session with our team. This is where you can come along to ask us any questions that may come up while you are adding your content to the portal. Though each session has a subject theme, we also encourage partners to treat it as an open forum for questions/suggestions/discussion.

5. Content deadline – the sprints give partners about 2 months to complete their content entry.

6. Content checking – once the content has been submitted, our team will check it and discuss any necessary amendments with you.

7. Integration Meeting – once we’re sure that all the content is sound we’ll schedule you in for a website integration meeting where we integrate your portal pages with your website and make it public-facing.

Our final two sprints are Sprint 5 (starting Jan 2023) and Sprint 6 (starting May 2023).

If you are not yet signed up to a sprint, please get in touch with us at We currently have space available on Sprints 5 and 6.

Progress so far

  • 7 brand partners have completed the process and the portal pages for their Services and Shops are integrated with their website
  • 25 brand partners are going through their integration meetings now and their new content will shortly be public-facing.
  • 19 brand partners are taking part in Sprint 3
  • 25 brand partners are signed up for Sprint 4 (Sept-Dec 22)

Our final two sprints are Sprint 5 (starting Jan 2023) and Sprint 6 (starting May 2023).

If you are not yet signed up to a sprint, please get in touch with us at We currently have space available on Sprints 5 and 6.

Live Demonstration

We will be running a live demonstration of a website integration at our drop-in session on Wednesday the 1st of June from 10.30-11.30. Age UK Cheshire have kindly agreed to take part in this demonstration, so that other partners can see what this part of the process looks like. If you are interested in joining us, please email and we’ll forward you the invite.

How to find the Website Integration function on the BPP

Once you’ve booked onto a Sprint and completed the process, this is where you will manage any new Services/Shops/Events going forward.

Brand partners can login to the portal (as described in the Introduction to this series) and choose the tile called My Portal (see below outlined in red).

From here, you will be taken to another page with a number of options for entering content into your portal pages:

We’ll discuss the tile called Our Organisation Info next time. But the other five tiles in this view are where you will manage your portal content.

We have developed portal driven templates for you to use for your organisation’s Services and Shops content. (NB- The Events/Activities templates and functionality are still in development.)  The templates are straightforward to use. You can see a clipped example of the template to enter a new service into the portal below:

The content in these templates live inside the portal and the data is searchable by the national website’s local directory.* This means that when someone comes to the Age UK website looking for services/shops/events in their area, the results they receive will be for the brand partner nearest to them.

When the user clicks on those results, they are seamlessly transitioned to the brand partner’s website. The user is not aware that they’ve moved from the national to the local website so the experience feels consistent for them. The new templates will also allow users to filter results on your Services/Shops/Events pages.

* The local directory feature has not yet been switched on. We are waiting for enough partner websites to be integrated to ensure that users have a good experience with the results coming back for their search. We anticipate this will be late summer/early autumn.

Until next time!

If you have any questions about a particular BPP function mentioned above and would like to explore how this can help your organisation, please feel free to get in touch via email on

Thanks for sticking with us during this series. Next week we’re taking a break due to the shortened bank holiday week, but we’ll be back the week commencing 6th June to look at the Organisation Info function. See you then!

Best wishes,

Alisa Yingling
Programme Manager

Brand Partner Portal
Age UK

Funding Bulletin #22– Updates on Public, Corporate, Trusts and Public Sector Funding | May 2022

The latest fundraising bulletin is now available for you to view below.

Welcome to the May funding bulletin! This edition includes details of an exciting new transport-based project addressing loneliness, together with new and ongoing grant funding opportunities for local Age UKs. We hope you find it useful.   

If you know of a colleague at your organisation who would like to receive this bulletin and other updates from Age UK in our e-newsletter Signpost, please share this sign up form with them. Thank you!

You can view or download the Bulletin below:

Age UK’s response to the High Court decision on discharges into care homes

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, has written a blog on the recent High Court ruling concerning the Government’s decision to discharge older people from hospitals into care homes in spring 2020.

Issued on 27 April, the recent High Court ruling concerning the Government’s decision to discharge older people from hospitals into care homes in spring 2020 was an important moment, says Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK. But what did it signify and what must happen next? You can read the full blog from Caroline here.

Upcoming Live Longer Better Event – 8th June 2022

All Age UKs are invited to attend the next Live Longer Better Thought Leadership National Event on Wednesday 8th June from 10:00-11:30.

All Age UKs are invited to join the next Live Longer Better Thought Leadership Event which will focus on the Health and Care Bill. The webinar takes place on Wednesday 8th June from 10:00 – 11:30. Read on to find out more, or click here to book your place.

The NHS was set up as a single organisation in 1948 – numerous bureaucracies, but one organisation, one family. From 1990, collaboration was stopped and competition began.

We now have an Act of Parliament, the Health and Care Bill which has received Royal Assent, enacting the most significant health legislation in a decade into law. Integrated systems were deemed essential, with their four purposes outlined:

  1. Improving population health and healthcare;
  2. Tackling unequal outcomes and access;
  3. Enhancing productivity and value for money; and
  4. Helping the NHS to support broader social and economic development.

This marks a milestone in the recovery and reform of how health and care services work together. The Live Longer Better programme was designed on these principles, recognising that activity: physical, cognitive and emotional, is an essential part of population health management and MUST be integral to improving community health and longevity.

This Live Longer Better National Event takes a consultative approach with National Clinical Directors.

Register for this event to find out their barriers and hurdles, understand how physical activity can help them quantify the benefits of overcoming these problems and support delivery on their key objectives.

Our LLB National Events have proved extremely popular – over 2,000 delegates have attended our last 7 events with cross sector representation. Delegates confirmed that the events “fully met their expectations”.

This Live Longer Better collaboration between Sir Muir Gray, Optimal Ageing Associates and Active Partnerships provides a unique combination of skills and resources, bringing together the cultures of coaching and health. We look forward to sharing some excellent presentations and speakers around the Live Longer Better work.

Reminder: Fourth Quarterly PIR Form closes soon

A quick reminder that there’s still time to complete the fourth Quarterly PIR form ahead of the 30th April deadline.

This is a quick reminder that the latest PIR form is still available for you to complete here ahead of the 30th April deadline. This form covers the period between 1st January 2022 and 31st March 2022, Quarter 4 of 2021/22. There are four additional questions included in this quarter’s form, find out full details of these new questions below, along with the data report from last quarter, as well as the reference copy and data transparency statement as usual.

The reference copy and the data transparency statement can be viewed here:

Word Document Reference Copy:

Data Transparency Statement:

Changes to Questions

There are 4 additional questions included in this quarter.

  • We have included a question on unique people supported in this financial year. This is included to remove the risk of double counting from the monthly data, and enable us to present a final figure for the financial year.

  • We have included questions on how many active volunteers you are engaged with. We are trialling these with a view to including them for the coming financial year. Any feedback would be appreciated. The reasons for collecting this data are:
    • Being able to connect Partners with other Partners who involve a similar number of volunteers
    • Estimating the number of volunteer product items available to Partners which Age UK purchases and provides each year
    • Promoting Partner volunteering in general by sharing network-wide volunteer totals in various media and highlight pieces

Quarter 3 Data Report

The Quarter 3 data report can be accessed here. National Service data was included in the PIR for the first time, and can be seen in this report.

If you have any questions, please email

Sources of Support for Local Partners – Latest Information for Spring 2022

Get help and support for your organisation via the latest edition of the Quality and Transformation Team’s Sources of Support document.

Navigating the ‘new normal’ can be difficult but Age UK’s Quality and Transformation Team can offer you support to tackle some of the challenges you face. In the latest edition of their “Sources of Support” guide there’s up-to-date insight on managing your organisation’s finances and you can also find out more about Age UK’s e-Learning platform along with other resources that can help support staff development.

The guide draws together a range of useful resources which can either be accessed directly (via this site, The Loop or through external organisations) or by contacting your Regional Link (contact details for Regional Links are listed in the guide). 

We want this guide to be as useful as possible, so please let us know if you have found it helpful or if you have any questions, comments or concerns please email

The full guide can be viewed or downloaded below:

Reminder: Dementia Awareness eLearning Available

A quick reminder that there are three dementia awareness eLearning modules developed by Alzheimer’s Society available to the Age UK Network until July 2022.

This is a quick reminder that there are three dementia awareness eLearning modules available to the Age UK Network. Whether you work directly with those living with dementia or not, we hope this eLearning will help to equip Age UK staff and volunteers with the skills and confidence to communicate with people living with dementia, face to face and virtually. Currently the Age UK Network’s access to these modules will end this July, so find out all the details below.

The three eLearning modules are:
  • Understanding dementia
  • Engaging with people in the early stages of dementia
  • Responding to distressed behaviours
Who can complete the Dementia eLearning?

All modules are open to everyone, all staff, and volunteers. Every learner will receive a certificate upon completion.

How were these modules developed?

These new modules were developed by Alzheimer’s Society.

When should I complete the modules?

Currently the Age UK Network’s access will end at the start of July 2022, so best to complete them sooner rather than later!

Please note, it may take up to one hour for the course to be marked as completed and for you to receive the certificate in your inbox. We thank you in advance for your patience.

How long is each module?

Each module takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Once you start, you can save any progress and come back to it.

How do I access these modules?

If you already have an eLearning account, this course will automatically appear under the “learning” section of your dashboard in the eLearning site. You can access it straight away and no action is needed.

If you need to sign up, please complete this form.

Please note that registration to the e-learning site may take a few days. You will receive an email with your log in information once you have been registered.

What do I do once I am logged in?

If you cannot see the modules on your dashboard when you log in, you can find it either by:

  • Clicking onto ‘courses’ and then ‘Dementia eLearning’; or
  • Using the search bar on your home page by typing in ‘Age UK Dementia E-learning Programme’.

If you have any questions on access to the e-learning site, please contact:

What other e-learning is available from Age UK?

For a number of years, Age UK has provided a range of e-learning options to support Partners’ delivery of training online to your staff and volunteers. This includes the Age UK e-learning Platform and Grey Matter Learning – find out all about both training platforms here.