Vodafone charities.connected free data sim opportunity

Find out all about Vodafone’s new charities.connected initiative to help address issues surrounding data poverty.

Vodafone has launched an initiative called “charities.connected”, whereby any non-profit in the UK can apply for free connectivity to help the individuals and families they support get online, to help address issues surrounding data poverty. Registered charities can apply for the free connectivity, in the form of SIM cards with 20GB of data, plus free calls and texts every month for six months. To find out more on how to apply, please click here.

Please note: Age UK have also recently launched the Vodafone ‘Connected Age’ Tablet Loan Scheme Programme which will also provide connectivity. We are pleased to inform you that we have had confirmation from Vodafone that partners can apply to both schemes should they wish to. Submitting an application to charities.connected will not impact your application to the Vodafone ‘Connected Age’ opportunity.

For any questions or queries about Age UK’s ‘Connected Age’ programme, please contact: servicesdigital@ageuk.org.uk.