New Updates on the Network Infrastructure Hub! 

Check out the latest updates to our infrastructure work on the Network Infrastructure Hub.

Check out the latest updates on the Network Infrastructure Programme, including: upcoming Charitylog user group sessions and the recently updated user guide; progress and plans for the implementation and development of the Salesforce solution; and the next TES Customer Day for the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 finance system.

Charitylog User Guide Updated

The Charitylog user guide has been updated and is now available for you to view on the loop. Find out what is new and access the guide.

We have recently updated our existing Charitylog user guide (2015). Working with the assistance of Dizions and a number of brand partners, we have refreshed the document and uploaded it to the loop here. The key changes to the document include a longer introduction that provides extra information about the work organisations need to do when first setting up their Charitylog systems and the administrator work involved behind the scenes. Read on to find out more about the recent changes to the Charitylog user guide.

We felt this would be helpful for many of the new I&A managers and advisers who are quickly having to get to grips with a system that may be new to them, or for existing colleagues who are reviewing their set up. We have included current system screen shots to enable you to work through the steps required to get the most out of the available functionality, e.g. the steps required to set up templates.

We have also incorporated some very useful videos into the manual which are aligned with the Charitylog Wiki manual updates.

We hope you find the updated User Guide helpful.

New Updates on the Network Infrastructure Hub! 

Check out the latest updates to our infrastructure work on the Network Infrastructure Hub.

Check out the latest updates on the Network Infrastructure Programme, including upcoming Charitylog training dates and how the new ‘Innovation Hub’ is enabling partners to shape developments in the Salesforce solution. You can also find out about new options to collaborate and share project and ongoing costs for the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 finance system – including the latest Partners to adopted it, plus your invitation to the TES Customer Day.

Network Infrastructure Update: Upcoming Charitylog training sessions and user groups

The Network Infrastructure Team are holding a series of training sessions and user groups on Charitylog over the next few months. Find out full details including how to book your place.

In response to the Charitylog training survey completed by Brand Partners in recent months, Dizions (the creators of Charitylog) are holding a number of training sessions in September and October. We are also holding the next series of user group meetings in September. Click here for more information, including how to book your place at the training sessions or user groups.

Charitylog Training Survey Results

This latest update from the Network Infrastructure Team shares the results from the Charitylog training survey and a summary of a recent round of user groups.

This latest update from the Network Infrastructure Team shares the results from the Charitylog training survey including the most requested areas for training such as General Reporting, Letter Templates, and Outcomes.  Look out for more information on upcoming training dates over the next couple of months.

Please click here to download the report: Charitylog Training Survey Report 

You can find the summary of our most recent round of user groups here: Network Infrastructure Update: Charitylog User Groups

Network Infrastructure update: Programme approach and priorities for 2021 – 2022

This Network Infrastructure Programme update looks at the approach and priorities for the next year, including for systems such as Charitylog.

Pam Creaven updates us on the approach and priorities for the Network Infrastructure Programme to support Partners with new and existing solutions such as Charitylog. Please read on for more details.

The Network Infrastructure Programme emerged from Project SOPHIE where we visited many Partners across the network to understand where the commonalities and differences in their infrastructure were alongside their ambitions. Having learned a great deal from that work and the infrastructure projects that followed, the Network Infrastructure Steering Group recently reflected on how the programme can add the most value going forward. We have concluded it is now time to focus on fewer priorities and devote more resource to drive these projects. 

We also recognise that the Network Infrastructure Programme does not and cannot operate in isolation and needs to link closely with developing conversations in the Network Development Programme. As this develops throughout the coming year, the programme will align with the Network Shared Strategy as it becomes clearer. 

At this time, the Network Infrastructure Programme Steering Group has agreed the below approach and priorities for this financial year. 

We’ll be providing regular Infrastructure Programme updates so look out for more communications. 

Case, Contact & Rostering Management 


A number of pilot Partners have been working to design and configure a Salesforce solution, and the project is currently in the middle of implementation with these pilot Partners. It was agreed that this work should continue, with the programme seeking to support more Partners to consider Salesforce as an option, supporting them to make the move to the new software should they choose to. 

4 Partners have currently signed up to use the system, with a similar number actively considering doing so. 

Further to this, embedding mechanisms to enable the use and continual improvement of the Salesforce solution will be key to making it a viable solution across the network. 


A discussion was held on the way forward with Charitylog. More detail is available in the recent Charitylog update, but the key point was that with a significant number of partners still using Charitylog, it was decided that we would continue to work together to make improvements to the system. 

Finance Systems 

In the past year, the programme has worked with a number of Partners to design and build a finance system using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central software. This has now been successfully implemented with one Partner, with another five Partners to follow in the summer, and further implementations are being planned over the year. The Steering Group agreed that we should focus on this solution above other finance systems, aiming to increase the number of Partners using the solution in 2021/22. In line with Salesforce, this will also involve the establishment of robust mechanisms to manage the solution going forward into the future. 

Technology & Core Infrastructure 

One of the most common questions asked of the programme is whether there is a roadmap for the technology and core infrastructure for Partners. At the same time, one of the most common discussions we have with Partners is about the many interdependencies between technologies and how decisions in one area affect others. This project will therefore seek to work with Partners to support them to level up their technology and core infrastructure, allowing them to take advantage of other digital solutions. We will also work with Partners to design a “roadmap” for technology across the network, seeking to recognise where they are in their own digital pathway currently, but also how to move to the next stage. 

Brand Partner Portal & Websites 

The Brand Partner Portal already acts as the mechanism for enabling integration for local I&A services with Age UK’s Advice Line. Working with a group of pilot Partners, Age UK has built a new way for Partners to enter information about services which will then appear on both national and local websites, with the aim being to take advantage of Age UK’s digital presence and ensure older people can find the services they need. Ideally this will result in easier access to local services, but also reduced calls to both Age UK and Partners about what services are available. Furthermore, we will in time be able to provide all Partners with a searchable database of the services provided across the network. 

Over time we will be seeking to use the Portal as a one stop shop for data that flows into Age UK from Partners, and by doing this we will be able to provide data back to partners, both access to the data itself and to reports with analysis of the data.  

Look out for more information on how to get involved in the Brand Partner Portal shortly. 

More information 

For more information about the approach and priorities, visit the Network Infrastructure Hub or contact the team at  

Pam Creaven 
Services & Partnership Affairs Director, Age UK 

Thank You Day | July 4th

Find out more about Thank You Day, a new initiative to bring communities together.

Starting from just 13 individuals proposing a Thank You Day, the idea is now supported by hundreds of organisations across the country, ranging from the Scouts and Guides to Rotary and the Royal Voluntary Service, NHS, The Mirror, the Football Association and the Church of England. The aim of Thank You Day is to make Sunday 4th July the day for everyone to get together in the sunshine (fingers crossed!) raise a glass and say a great big thank you to everyone who’s been helping us through this past year. Find out how you can get involved on the Thank You Day website or download the guide below.

Charitylog users – what training do you need?

Do you use Charitylog at your organisation? We’d love to hear about what training would be most useful to you.

As an outcome from the Charitylog User Groups, Age UK are working with Dizions (the creators of Charitylog) to understand the potential for making training on Charitylog more available and easy to access for Age UK users of the system. We would like to hear from Partner staff who use Charitylog about what training would be helpful to you via this survey. A link to this survey will also be available through the log in page to Charitylog.

We would ask that you send this information to all users across your organisation as we want to ensure we get as large a response as possible to inform the training that is made available.

The survey will close on 31st May, and the findings and next steps will be shared shortly after.

If you have any questions please contact To find out more about our work with Charitylog as part of the Network Infrastructure Programme, please click here.

Network Infrastructure update: Charitylog user groups

The Network Infrastructure Team have been working with Charitylog over the last few months, find out all the details here.

In this latest update we look back at the work we have done with Charitylog, how we plan to strengthen the relationship with them in the next 12 months, and how you can get involved in the upcoming user group meetings.

New updates on the Network Infrastructure Hub!

Check out the latest updates to our infrastructure work on the Network Infrastructure Hub, including Steve Billot’s new blog.

In the latest of our Network Infrastructure updates, read Steve Billot’s blog on Charitylog suggesting a New Years resolution and check out the latest updates on our back office initiatives on the Network Infrastructure Hub. Read the latest updates on Case, Contact & RosteringCharitylog, Brand Partner Portal, and the IT Support, Telephony, Hardware & Software. You can also find out how to book your place on the upcoming Charitylog subgroup meetings.