A Call for Stories to Celebrate the Warm Homes Programme

To celebrate and showcase 11 years of working together on the Warm Homes Programme, Age UK’s Corporate Partnerships Team are looking to record some case studies to demonstrate the impact of the programme.

We have now been working in partnership to deliver the Warm Homes Programme for over 11 years! To celebrate this, we are aiming to showcase stories from across the Age UK Network to demonstrate the impact that the programme has had, and we would be grateful for your help to do so.

Do you know someone who has benefited from the Warm Homes Programme and would be willing to share their story on camera? And are you as a local partner interested in being involved to highlight the incredible work you have done to bring this programme to life?

We want to celebrate not only the impact that the Warm Homes Programme has had on older people but also to highlight our long-standing partnership with e.on. Our aim is to share the stories with our corporate funders to demonstrate the incredible success of the programme and the impact it has on older people. We would also share the footage with you for your own use.

Filming Details:

  • We are hoping to film later this month but this can be flexible based upon your availability.
  • We would like to co-ordinate one day of filming, this can either be at your Age UK/Cymru office or in the older person’s home depending on availability and individual preference.
  • We would like to highlight the story of an older person who has received support either through a Home Energy Check or a Benefits Entitlement Check.    
  • We would also like to film someone from the Age UK/Cymru Partner to understand the impact of the programme in your community.
  • We will of course be more than happy to share the footage with you for your own promotional use.  

Contact Details

If you would like to get involved and showcase the incredible work you all do, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting Tayla Shirley at Tayla.shirley@ageuk.org.uk

Alternatively, if there is someone else in your organisation who would be interested in taking part, please feel free to pass this along and ask them to get in touch.

Applications now open for this year’s Warm Homes Programme

As you may have seen in our post earlier this week, the Warm Homes Programme is set to return this Autumn! Find out more here, including how to apply and details of an upcoming introductory webinar.

Two Social Prescribing Updates

A roundup of two social prescribing updates, from the Accelerating Innovation Programme and the National Academy for Social Prescribing.

This post contains two social prescribing updates which may be of interest. The first discusses the Accelerating Innovation Programme, which aims to address health inequalities and support Covid-recovery plans by harnessing skills and assets of national organisations to complement local community action. The second post, is a call for case studies from the National Academy for Social Prescribing. Both posts can be read in full below.

Accelerating Innovation Programme – Community of Practice

The new Accelerating Innovation programme (a partnership between NASP, RVS and NHSE) will bring together a community of practice of national voluntary organisations (including their local affiliated organisations) to support the development of new ideas and partnerships for social prescribing activities.

The programme aims to address health inequalities and support Covid-recovery plans by harnessing skills and assets of national organisations to complement local community action. The programme will support members in developing good connections with local health and care systems and community groups, provide learning opportunities, and share innovative best practice and tools for innovation.

Read the blog by James Sanderson and Jeremy Hughes to find out more, and register your interest in joining the Community of Practice by 3rd October.

National Academy for Social Prescribing – Case Studies Call Out

Two national-reaching publications have been in touch with National Academy for Social Prescribing about social prescribing for people of retirement age and above. They are looking for case studies and examples, and potentially to interview a couple of people who have experienced social prescribing and seen a benefit to their physical or mental health.

If you can help, please email Francesca Baker francesca.baker@nasp.info by Tuesday 14 Sept. We appreciate and apologise for the fact that this is such short notice, please note that this timeline is being driven by external organisations rather than Age UK.

Call for evidence: Addressing health inequalities in coastal and rural areas

The Health Influencing Team are keen to raise awareness of the health inequalities faced by older men, older LGBT+ people and older people from BAME communities.

As part of our membership of the Health and Wellbeing Alliance, Age UK is working with Public Health England to raise awareness of the health inequalities faced by older men, older LGBT+ people and older people from BAME communities. We are particularly looking at perspectives from rural areas and coastal towns.

We are also keen to understand and promote the work that Local Age UKs and other voluntary organisations and community groups are doing to address and prevent these inequalities.

If you have any knowledge about these issues then we’d love to hear from you.

We are bringing together as much information as we can. Reflective blog posts, individual case studies and informal chats could be as useful as formal evaluations and research reports.

We will look to publish a report with the collated learning, which will include examples of relevant VCSE work. Our aim is to share knowledge, evidence and ideas across rural and coastal areas so that we can all work as effectively as possible to address health inequalities.

Information accumulated during the Covid-19 pandemic will likely be useful to us, but this is not a project about Covid and we are working to create a resource that is useful beyond the pandemic.

If you have any knowledge to share or would like to find out more, then please contact Jenny Lippiatt in the Health Influencing Team, jenny.lippiatt@ageuk.org.uk.

We are gathering knowledge until 9th November so please get in touch before then. Thank you!