Two upcoming care webinars

Age UK’s Health Influencing Team and SCIE are both holding upcoming webinars on care. Find out how to book for either event.

There are two upcoming webinars on care which you may wish to attend. The first webinar is hosted by Age UK’s Health Influencing Team and will unpack the latest developments following the publication of the Government’s White Paper on the Health and Care System in England. The second webinar is organised by Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and looks at delivering safe, face-to-face adult day care. You can find out all the details of both webinars, including how to register, below.

The Future of the Health and Care System webinar: White Paper, ICSs and what it means for you | 31 March from 4:00 – 5:00pm

The Health Influencing Team are hosting a webinar which will unpack the latest developments following the publication of the Government’s White Paper which sets out changes to the way the Health and Care System will operate in England. This webinar will look at what these changes are, why they are happening and what opportunities there may be for Age UK Network and the wider VCSE.

We will be hearing from the Head of Health Influencing, Ruthe Isden on the White Paper, Age UK Sutton on their experiences of working within their local health and care system and Roger Davidson the Director of System Transformation at NHS England on how it will work.

You can sign up to the webinar here.

There’s an opportunity to suggest questions on sign up but you can also send through any questions to by Wednesday 24th March.

The webinar will be taking place on Microsoft Teams, once signed up we will send through a diary invitation with the link.

The webinar will be recorded for you to view at your convenience. If you cannot attend but have a question, please do still submit it and we will be happy to try to answer it.

Delivering safe, face-to-face adult day care | 24 March from 13:30pm – 14:30pm

This webinar aims to support the safe delivery of adult day care services by highlighting key guidance including SCIE’s Delivering safe, face-to-face adult day care guide, providing practical examples, supporting connections with other providers and responding to key questions from the sector.

To register, please click here.

Day Centre Covid Testing Briefing

From 1st February 2021 onwards, weekly routine testing is available for adult day centres. Find out all the details here.

The Department of Health and Social Care have announced that from 1st February 2021 weekly routine testing is available for adult day centres. Directors for Public Health and Directors of Adult Social Services for Local Authorities in England have been contacted and asked to pass the following information on to adult day care centre managers operating in their Local Authority.

What is the new testing regime?
  • The new testing regime means that all adult day care centres considered critical to be open during lockdown by their Local Authority can access weekly routine PCR testing for all staff.
  • Day care centres will be able to identify themselves as an eligible organisation using the online self-referral portal (more on this below), order a month’s supply of test kits, and distribute these to all staff for regular testing.
  • Day care centre workers will be asked to take a weekly PCR test at home between Thursdays and Sundays. All staff and volunteers working regularly in these settings should be tested, as well as private transport staff who support service users to attend.
  • Testing will enable staff to take the appropriate action following their result, including isolating immediately and for the next 10 full days if they receive a positive result to protect their colleagues and people who use the service.
Is my service eligible?

Services must be for adults over 18 and provided within non-residential care settings that support the health and wellbeing of adults. This includes settings such as:

  • purpose-built day centres
  • day centres attached to or part of a care home or supported living
  • other buildings in communities specifically used for regular adult day care
When can we start the testing regime?
  • From 1st February, local authorities have been asked to identify which day care centres are open using the eligibility criteria explained above and to pass this information onto eligible day care centres.
  • Eligible day care centres should use the self-referral portal to provide their details to NHS Test & Trace to access testing. Managers will need to enter the referral UON of 99915258 and provide details of their adult day care centre. They will only need to use this code once, this referral UON cannot be used to order test kits. Centres will receive a separate UON once they have been accepted for them to be able to order test kits.
  • NHS Test and Trace will then receive these requests and submit them to each LA. LAs have been asked to review these within 7 working days and accept or reject the request based on the eligibility criteria outlined above.
  • If accepted, day care centre managers will receive a confirmation email with their Unique Organisation Number (UON) and information about how they can order test kits for their staff.
How can day care centres order tests?
  • Once an acceptance from the LA has been received, NHS Test & Trace will email day care centre managers with their UON and instructions to place orders from the test kit ordering portal. This can take 7-10 days as the Local Authority reviews the application.
  • You will then be able to place orders for all staff every 28 days.
What if I run multiple day centres?
  • Organisations which run multiple day care centres at various locations will need to register each centre separately and use multiple UONs, even if the contact details for each of these are the same.
How can I find out more information?
  • Sign up to weekly webinars hosted by DHSC & NHS Track and Trace. They will last up to 60 minutes and give detailed information about all aspects of regular testing, including: how to use the self-referral portal, ordering tests, preparing for testing, test kit delivery, registering test kits, returning test kits, results and what they mean for adult day care centres.
  • The session will include a live Q&A with representatives from NHS Test & Trace who will be able to answer questions and address any concerns in the session.
  • The link to sign up to attend the adult day care centre webinars can be found here.
  • If centres are not able to attend the webinar, you should sign up and a recording of the session will be made available after the session.
  • Additional information is available in this Day Care Testing poster here.