Most Partners across the Network use Charitylog in some way within their organisation. It has become a trusted provider of a CRM system for many over the last 10 years and continue to work closely with Age UK.

We are working with Partners who use the system and the provider Dizions to enhance the network’s use of the system, advocate for best practice, share learning and assist in the development of the system so that it can be used in the most effective way by the network.

Latest Update – 26/11/21

January 2022 Charitylog User Groups

Following the success of the Charitylog User Groups held this September, we will be running a full week of User Group sessions in the second week of January. This will feature sub-groups on Volunteering, Rostering, Training, and Reporting, closing the week with the main group held jointly with Dizions to discuss the past year.  

The upcoming sessions will have a strong focus on service delivery, primarily aimed at managers and frontline staff to discuss the experience and efficiency of using the system. This is an opportunity to share knowledge across the network and identify high-impact, low-effort improvements. 

If you are using Charitylog in a way that might be interesting to other Brand Partners or have something you would like to share at the session, please email 

Summaries of each user group will be available after the session on the Network Infrastructure Hub. 

Register your interest in attending the upcoming user groups in the Events and Demos section below.

Charitylog User Guide 

The Information & Advice team at Age UK updated the comprehensive Charitylog User Guide in collaboration with Dizions. While aimed at Information & Advice services across the network, the guidance contains sections that are universally applicable for charities using the system such as system and data maintenance, case management setup, extension databases, and letter templates. 

See the recent post from the I&A team for further details.  You can find the guide here on the Loop  

If you have any questions or comments about the Guide, please email

Events & Demos

Charitylog training: Letter / email templatesClick here to book your place.
10:00 – 11:00
Charitylog training: Easier data entry using templates and rulesClick here to book your place.
10:00 – 11:00
Age UK: Charitylog Volunteering Subgroup 
Click here to book your place.
11:00 – 12:00
Age UK: Charitylog Rostering Subgroup
Click here to book your place.
11:00 – 12:00
Age UK: Charitylog Training Subgroup 
Click here to book your place.
11:00 – 12:00
Age UK: Charitylog Reporting Subgroup
Click here to book your place.
11:00 – 12:00
Age UK: Charitylog Main User Group
Click here to book your place.
11:00 – 12:30

Previous Updates

> 01/11/21

Thanks to those that attended the Volunteering in Charitylog session on the 4th October. It was great to hear how Partners are using the system to manage volunteers and discuss potential ways to optimise the process. We will be following up on the areas discussed with Dizions and will provide an update with next steps shortly.  

Don’t miss out!  

Tickets are still available for the Charitylog training sessions being held by Dizions. There are several areas that training is available for. Sessions are £18 and can be booked by following the links below.  

> 04/10/21

We held Charitylog User Group meetings this September with the participation of Brand Partners and Dizions to share knowledge and improve the use of the system across the network. Alongside the main user group, we had two sub-groups on Reporting and Rostering. The Training sub-group has been postponed in order to be able to review the first round of online training sessions from Dizions that run this autumn. 

Reporting sub-group 

The Reporting sub-group provided a space to discuss common questions and possible training areas. One example was being able to record reception calls quickly as staff have to record a high-volume of anonymous calls every day. As using templates and the ‘Create Anonymous’ feature provide an efficient solution for this, a training session will be planned by Dizions covering this area in the next month. Participants highlighted questions around the data cleansing process – a Charitylog Manual page has step-by-step instructions and videos for this topic.

Rostering sub-group 

The Rostering sub-group discussed the upcoming release of the Call Round version 2 app which home support workers can use to report on their work. Dizions held a short demo of the rostering module, explaining how it connects with the app. Notably, the new release will improve communication between office workers and frontline staff through notes attached to each home visit.  

Our next round of User group sessions will be held in January and will look at how we can support users to using Charitylog in new ways to support their roles. 

Additional Charitylog Training Dates 

Due to the popularity of the initial training sessions offered by Dizions, we are pleased to announce new dates have been added to the offering.  

Please find the Eventbrite pages for these linked below in the Events & Demos section.

> 07/09/21

Thank you for your interest in the Charitylog training available from Dizions this autumn! The sessions are now fully booked and we are in the process of finalising further dates. If you would like to attend future training, please join the waitlist for each training session on their respective Eventbrite pages. You can do this by clicking ‘Tickets’, then ‘Join Waitlist’, and filling in your contact details.

Please check the Events and Demos Section below to find the links for the Eventbrite training session pages.

> 18/08/21
Charitylog user groups

We will be holding two user subgroups in September and are interested to hear from any Brand Partners who would like to join the discussion. These subgroups will be followed by the main user group session where highlights from each subgroup will be reviewed and discussed. The user groups are an opportunity for Brand Partners and Dizions to share knowledge and improve the use of the system across the network.

If you are using Charitylog in a way that might be interesting to other Brand Partners or have something you would like to share at the session, please email

Summaries of each user group will be available after the session on the Network Infrastructure Hub.

Register your interest in attending the upcoming user groups below:

Age UK: Charitylog Reporting Subgroup
8th September 11.00am to 12.00pm

Click here to register

Age UK: Charitylog Rostering Subgroup
9th September 11.00am to 12.00pm

Click here to register

Age UK: Charitylog Main User Group
16th September 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Click here to register

Charitylog training sessions

In response to the Charitylog training survey completed by Brand Partners in recent months, Dizions are holding a number of training sessions in September and October.  Click on the links below for further information on each session and to book your place.

Each attendee will be charged £18 to join the 1 hour session. Spaces are limited, but depending on demand, these training sessions may be repeated.

Should you wish to attend a session that is fully booked please record your future interest by emailing

Introduction to Reporting
10am – 11am, 21 September 2021

Click here to register

KPI Reporting
10am – 11am, 28 September 2021

Click here to register

Letter / email templates
10am – 11am, 5 October 2021

Click here to register

Ladder outcomes and classification codes
10am – 11am, 12 October 2021

Click here to register

Assessments with scoring and forms using extension databases

10am – 11am, 19 October 2021

Click here to register

> 13/07/21
Results from the Charitylog training survey

Please find below the results from the Charitylog training survey including the most requested areas for training such as General Reporting, Letter Templates, and Outcomes.  Look out for more information on upcoming training dates over the next couple of months.

Please click here to download the report: Charitylog Training Survey Report 

Charitylog User Groups

We held Charitylog User Group meetings in April with the participation of Brand Partners and Dizions to share knowledge and improve the use of the system across the network. Alongside the main user group, we had five sub-groups on volunteering, invoicing, reporting, rostering, and training. If you would like to view a video recording for some of these sessions, please click here.


Brand partners use Charitylog in a variety of ways to monitor and match their volunteers. This includes employing a large number of detailed extension databases to record matches between befrienders and their clients. The sub-group is currently working on mapping requirements for the volunteering module and had a brainstorming session in April around needs such as covering recruitment, induction, monitoring, improving log-in, and linking with other systems.


Improving training is a huge opportunity for everyone in the network. While larger partners had the benefit of dedicated team members who could be trained or dedicate time to learning, for many smaller partners the Charitylog lead has this role as one of many they have to carry out. This has led to a wide diversity of users.  Some are super-users but others admitted they either dread using it or only use it as little as possible and only use it as a simple data base for contact details. The lack of common training is a consequence of the ways in which many have modified the system for their own local needs. The impact is that most partners systems “look” different or have alternative ways of using extension data bases. The group in April discussed various training options with a representative from Dizions, highlighting that online courses will make the sessions more accessible than ever before. The group agreed that there is a need for offering separate support for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users, and agreed that Age UK will coordinate the training options and access between the network and Dizions. The first step in this will be a Training survey among Brand Partners on their interests.


One of the Age UK Brand Partners has been working with a consultant to connect Microsoft Power BI reports to their Charitylog data. The April User Group featured a demonstration of the finished product which includes interactive filtering and cross-filtering of data, interactive user-friendly display, hotlinks to Charitylog pages, and pre-saved reports tracking specific KPIs. The group discussed the benefits of this solution, such as freeing up management resources and being able to share report templates across the network.

Rostering, Call Round and Telecoms

More and more partners are considering adding the Rostering module to their Charitylog system as staff are increasingly managed remotely due to COVID. A representative from Dizions held a quick demo session of the module for new partners joining the group and explained the benefits and challenges of its use. Partners can use the module for a variety of services including domiciliary care and telephone befriending and use the Call Round app avoid using timesheets for their workers. The group then discussed possible improvements to the module and working with Dizions to realise these.

Invoicing and account systems interactions

About half of users invoice in Charitylog and then have to find ways of transferring data to their accounts and the other half invoice in the finance system but again need to transfer data in. There are a number of ways of doing this depending on the accounting system being used and the experience of the finance teams.  Some are duplicating data entry, some transfer summary data and others transfer full transactional information. Consultants working on the Power BI tool came along to the group in April to discuss the developments needed for efficient data transfer and whether this work had sufficient commercial benefit for the network.

We are planning to run the next set of sessions in September 2021. If you would like to join any of the user groups or have a question, please contact us at

> 07/06/21

Thank you to everyone who completed the Charitylog training survey! We are currently reviewing your responses and will share results and next steps here shortly.

The survey is now closed however if you want to share anything further on your Charitylog training needs please contact our team on

> 11/05/21

As an outcome from the Charitylog User Groups, Age UK are working with Dizions (the creators of Charitylog) to understand the potential for making training on Charitylog more available and easy to access for Age UK users of the system. We would like to hear from Partner staff who use Charitylog about what training would be helpful to you via this survey. A link to this survey will also be available through the log in page to Charitylog.

We would ask that you send this information to all users across your organisation as we want to ensure we get as large a response as possible to inform the training that is made available.

The survey will close on 31st May, and the findings and next steps will be shared shortly after.

If you have any questions please contact

> 09/03/21

The work we have done with the Charitylog user groups in the last 6 months has given us a lot of food for thought.  We have listened to the observations from the partners and started to follow up on the points that have been raised, more on which below.

However, this has led us to consider how best to take the Charitylog relation forwards.  We recognise that this is an important system for many partners, therefore Age UK has talked to both Charitylog and the AEA and, in discussion with the Network Infrastructure Steering Group, agreed that the Network Infrastructure Programme needs to lean into the relationship.  This will let us work with partners in a more joined up way to improve both the system and more importantly, our collective and effective use of it.

Age UK has agreed to identify resources that will enable continued working with the user groups and the development of our relationship with Charitylog.  This will allow us to drive forward the changes we have identified from the user groups and also to help to make better use of the system across the whole network.

In January the Training sub-group meeting identified a number of ways in which we could work together and Charitylog will come to the next meeting to allow us to plan a training programme for the next 12 months.

The Reporting sub-group heard how one of our partners is exploring the use of Power BI reports developed with a consultant to provide insight into their activities and the next session will look at how these are now being used.  Another partner is also looking at this way of working and this has the potential to materially improve our use of Charitylog.

The Volunteering sub-group spent two hours sharing working practices.  Charitylog are looking at how the whole volunteering module works and want to work with us to see how they can improve this.

Finally, the Accounting System sub-group looked at the potential to build a link between Charitylog and Sage. The consultants working on the Power BI tool have experience of these links and are looking for a group of partners to develop this with.  If you would be prepared to be involved in that please let us know at

> 01/12/20

If you haven’t already, please check out the latest Charitylog Blog (or Clog Blog for short!)

We have continued to work with partners in the network and with Charitylog, to look at how we can work better both by sharing knowledge and also looking for ways either we or Charitylog can improve our systems.

We held full Charitylog user group meetings and sub-groups meetings to look at invoicing, interactions with accounting systems, volunteering, call round and reporting in both October and November.

We were joined by Charitylog in a number of the meetings and we had a very productive two hour meeting looking at many aspects of the system and how we use it and requests for improvements.

In order to keep the momentum we plan to hold 5 more sub group meetings in January, having decided to set up a new group to look specifically at training, both as a need from us but also at what Charitylog can provide and to think about how we can work better together to share knowledge.  Take a look at the Events & Demos section below to see the events that will now take place in January.

If you or any of your colleagues would like to get involved in any of these meetings, please let us know  as all are welcome. Charitylog will give us a further update at the full meeting and may also attend some of the sub group meetings to which they will be invited.

> 09/11/20

We have continued to work with partners in the network and with Charitylog, to look at how we can work better both by sharing knowledge and also looking for ways either we or Charitylog can improve our systems.

We had a full Charitylog user group meeting in September and then 5 sub-groups meetings took place in mid-October to look at Invoicing, interactions with accounting systems, volunteering, call round and reporting.

On 28 October the user group met again when we were joined by Charitylog. We had a very productive two hour meeting looking at many aspects of the system and how we use it and requests for improvements.

In order to keep the momentum we plan to hold 4 more sub group meetings (having decided to merge the invoicing and accounting system groups into one) and the following meetings will now take place in November

  • Volunteering – 17th November 10.30 -11.30

  • Invoicing and accounting systems interactions – 17th November 2.30 – 3.30

  • Reporting – 18th November 10.30 – 11.30

  • Call Round and Telecoms – 18th November 2.00 – 3.00

  • Full user group – 25th November 10.30 to 12.30

If you wish to be included in any of these meetings please let us know as all are welcome. Charitylog will give us a further update at the full meeting and will also attend the invoicing group as this is a particularly important group where we have identified there is a real need for us to develop the process and interfaces between Charitylog and our various accounting systems.

> 29/09/20

A virtual Charitylog user group meeting took place on 23 September with attendees from the Nations, Brand Partners and Age UK.

They discussed many of the common issues and it was agreed that a further meeting would be held in October which Charitylog would attend to update everyone on progress they are making on new developments.

A number of common themes were identified and it was agreed that a number of smaller working groups would be established to enable these topics to be explored in more detail.  We will share the learnings and developments here on the Network Infrastructure Hub.  We would welcome anyone who is interested in joining any of these groups to contact us.  See below for more details:

Use of the volunteering module

We rely heavily on the fantastic help we receive from over 25,000 volunteers.  However volunteers are not free; they take time to recruit, train and support and many partners use Charitylog for that.  It is clear that this is used in different ways so this group will look at how this is being done and suggest best practice use of Charitylog.

Interaction with accounting systems

It is notoriously difficult for non-financial systems to interface with accounting systems and for many this means they have to rely on spreadsheets or even re inputting data into their accounts.  This group will look at how we currently work and seek to improve this starting with the linkage with the Sage accounting system as this is the one many (but not all) Partners currently use. 

Use of the Call Round system and interactions with mobile staff

We have seen an increasing move to distance working and the use of mobile telephony has become more important.  We learnt that one of the group has been able to work with a provider which can deliver a mobile app for staff and know of other Partners using differing telecoms providers.

This group will review the current use of Call Round and also how best to link this with mobile technology options.

Reporting templates

We rely heavily on the analysis of the information held within the Charitylog system for evidencing our impact and reporting outcomes to many parties.  We know that this is an area that frustrates many and takes up a considerable amount of time.  We learnt about one partner who has developed some reporting based on Microsoft Power BI.

Given the importance of reporting it was agreed that a sub-group would be established to look at this and to work towards creating some standard reporting tools with partners and Charitylog.

Invoicing Module

Some partners make use of the invoicing module whilst others clearly have issues with this and some have to re-post invoices even if created in the system.  It was agreed that a group should look at this to identify best practice and also lessons for others who use this module.

Further meetings

The group will meet again in October and Charitylog will be asked to attend to update us on their progress.

We are also planning to hold the first meeting for each of the sub-groups in mid-October.

If you are interested in being involved with any of these sub groups please would you send a note to indicating which group you would like to join.

> 07/09/20

We are writing to the existing Charitylog user group members to restart it.  The plan is to have a virtual meeting on 23 September to discuss how we are currently using the system and look at ways in which we can improve our use of the system.

We plan to establish some smaller user groups working with Charitylog to help with cross training and development.  If you have an interest in participating in a Charitylog user group, please let us know.

> 13/08/20

We have had a meeting with Charitylog to discuss future actions.  They have offered to make available some training videos they have developed.  We need to re-establish the user group at a national level and also to encourage and assist in the establishment of more local groups.

Governance and User Groups

There is a main User Group which covers all areas and enables Partners to hear from Dizions on the latest updates to Charitylog.

Sub-Groups on areas such as reporting, volunteering and others take place alongside the main user group for interested partners.

The user groups take place on a quarterly basis.

How can I get involved?

All Charitylog users can sign up to join the main user group and sub user groups. Email