Case, Contact & Rostering

Focusing on case, contact and rostering management systems, with the objective of improving these systems with the network, improving our ability as a network to use data, and eventually enabling older people to access their own data.

Age UK and a group of pathfinder partners are working together to identify the requirements for a case, contact and rostering management system, identify the best solution to meet the requirements of the network and then to implement and test that solution.

The Case, Contact & Rostering Project has been progressing with the pathfinder partners, and is now in the implementation phase. We are now looking for additional partners to join the project for Phase 2 from March/April 2021. A demonstration of the Salesforce system took place on 21st January, watch a video of the full session on the right.

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Latest Update – 01/12/2020

The Case, Contact & Rostering Management system project is continuing to move forward.  User Acceptance Testing has been completed by the partners in the pathfinder group, and we are now gearing up for the first implementation on 3rd December.  Training on the system and data migration are currently taking place.  Potential future improvements to the system have been identified and work to build a structure and process for the future management of the system is underway.

The project is starting to plan for the next phase and shape what that looks like.  Look out for more communications on the next phase and how to get involved in January.

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The Case Contact and Rostering System project continues to move forward.  In August, the Design Phase was completed with all requirements and design documentation detailed.  The Build & Configuration Phase for the system has now been started and is expected to be completed by mid-November. 

At the same time the project is exploring the potential future arrangements of the system, looking at how support and ongoing development could be managed, as well as the common data model coming out of the project. 


Work to build the case, contact and rostering management system within Salesforce continues.  Initial progress has been made, with the first part of the build being demonstrated to the partners taking part in the project.  A screenshot from the system can be seen below.

Final agreements for licenses with Salesforce are now being drafted, with support and development proposals being considered by partners involved.  Final agreements between Salesforce, Age UK and partners will be finalised by the end of October.  The first partner to go live with the system will start implementation in late November. 

Next month the build will continue, initially focusing on rostering, consent management and case management before moving onto security and reporting.


The case, contact and rostering management system project has mostly completed the build phase, and is now in testing. This means local partners taking part in the project are working through user acceptance testing criteria to see how the system performs and to identify potential issues or opportunities for future development. Alongside this work is taking place to prepare for implementation with the first partner to use the new system, planned to start in late November.

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