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The Brand Partner Portal will allow you to easily update your information on your local website and the national website. The Age UK Advice Line will be able to access this information to provide up to date advice to callers. And the icing on the cake is it will replace the Partner Information Return (PIR).

The Brand Partner Portal is an online tool being developed to give you more control over the data you need to share with Age UK and your beneficiaries so that you can ensure it is current. It will integrate with Age UK’s CRM system and the Local Directory, which means that changes you make will be automatically applied to both the national website and your website, and the Age UK Advice Line will be able to access your up-to-date data to provide accurate advice to older people when they call.

It will also replace the PIR and will house all the previous information you provided via the PIR.  This will allow all the information to be in one place and significantly reduce duplication of information requests to you and reduce administrative requirements for Age UK.

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Latest Update – 02/12/20

Refinements to the Brand Partner Portal and Local Directory have continued throughout Autumn.  

It has been a difficult juggling act to move this work forward as we approach Winter and adapt to the shifting Covid-19 rules and the change in priorities that these bring. Consequently, the finished systems will now be completed around the end of January next year.  

We continue to work with group of pilot Brand Partners to help them prepare their content and we will look to roll out the Portal to the rest of the network once the pilot group has started to make their content live on their websites.

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Brand Partner Portal – Local Directory Project Overview – 05/10/20

In this short video, Age UK’s Digital Project Manager Ingrid Merkel shows us the upcoming enhancements to the Local Directory and Brand Partner Portal:

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We are currently working with a pilot group of Local Age UKs to trial using the Brand Partner Portal and its integration to your website.  We will make improvements based on their feedback to ensure it works well for all partners before it is rolled out to the network this Autumn.


The pilot to test the Brand Partner Portal has finished. The Local Age UKs who were in the pilot continue use the Portal to add their content and the compiled feedback is being implemented into the three related systems to make the Portal as easy to use as we can. We expect these changes to be implemented in November. Preparations for the full rollout to the network continues.