IAQP Pilot

One of the aims of the quality review is to reduce duplication and we’re starting by reducing the overlap between the CQS and the IAQP. To achieve this, we are strengthening certain areas of the CQS so we can remove requirements from the Service Management Review element of the IAQP.

As the model for delivering Information & Advice has changed significantly, we are looking to separate out the elements of the standard that relate purely to Advice from those that relate to Information & Signposting (I&S). This would allow us to have a core I&S standard that applies to all partners and a specific standard for those that provide advice. By relating the advice standard to the activity of giving advice rather than a named service, this would also allow us to include other service models for advice giving (e.g. social prescribing).

We are continuing to carry out renewal assessments for all existing IAQP-holders whilst we pilot a new assessment process. Partners whose certificates are due for renewal have been contacted about deadlines for returning application forms (by email from: iaqp@ageuk.org.uk) in order to help them avoid their certification lapsing.  

Once the pilot has been evaluated and agreed, (including for passporting to AQS) we will move over to the new assessment process, which should be simpler, with more frequent / lighter touch assessments. More frequent assessments should make life easier as they should need less preparation than the current model. More regular assessments during the 3 year certification period should also reduce the risk of certification lapsing if corrective actions are identified. We will be in touch to confirm any new deadlines for assessment in due course, and aim to have firmer plans for the new assessment approach in 2022. The indicators and quality benchmarks won’t change however, so if you already meet the benchmarks this shouldn’t require any major changes to how you deliver your service.

We will be contacting partners who do not yet have the IAQP and have carried out a self-assessment, by the end of the year for a progress update so we can start to plan the new assessment schedule.