Communities of Interest

As the Network Development Programme consultation process indicated broad support for the direction of travel around our future quality framework, we have been working closely with local and national partners to develop the detail and make sure we get it right.

Working with groups of partners via ‘Communities of Interest’ between May and August this year, we have co-produced work in the following areas:

  1. A core quality standard for services – developing a set of quality expectations for services that are appropriate to our network and we can all sign up to. To see what this is looking like, click here. A corresponding self-assessment tool is also being developed, to help your organisation identify how it is meeting the standard. We are keen to test this with partners so we can make it as useful as possible to you. If you’d like to try it out, please e-mail
  2. An online quality portal – looking at how we can use technology better to undertake quality monitoring, reporting and underpin a continuous improvement approach. The Community of Interest has been working on: a serious incident reporting form; a quarterly quality confirmation form; and an annual quality confirmation form. To find out more about what has been developed, click here.
  3. Measuring customer satisfaction – making the views of older people an important part of how we measure quality and finding a core set of questions we can consistently ask our customers to measure their satisfaction levels. To see the near final draft satisfaction form, click here.

For more information, please e-mail:

Meeting Notes

Click below to view the meeting notes from our Communities of Interest Meetings!