What is the NDP?

The Network Development Programme has been paused until further notice. Click here to find out more.

Building on the work of the Big Conversation, the Network Development Programme, in consultation with the network, will produce proposals in four key areas to ensure the Age family can continue to support older people across the UK in the coming years. These are:

A new set of Agreements

These agreements will Replace the BPA (England and Wales), the Nations Agreements and Agreements with Associates and Friends.

A new Shared Strategy

Outlining the Network’s collective strategy, priorities and plans that flow from each ambition.

A new Age UK Charter

This Charter will make clear what Age UK will provide on behalf of the whole network.

A New Governance Model

This will set up new governance arrangements appropriate for a UK wide network that will be entering into a new partnership from April 2022.

How long will this process take?

There is a challenging timeframe for developing, consulting on, and agreeing the above components. The current timeline is as follows:

  • November 2020 – Remote Consultation Conference with the Network

  • November – February 8th 2021 – Consultation on Network Agreement and Shared Strategy

  • 11th June 2021Circulation of new Consultation Document “Achieving our Shared Ambitions”

  • 5 November 2021 Deadline for feedback on “Achieving our Shared Ambitions”

  • November 2021 – Circulation of proposed Network Agreement

  • April 2022 – New Network Agreement comes into effect

Who is involved in the NDP work?

The NDP is set up and sponsored jointly by the AEA EC, Age Cymru, Age UK and the Partnership Board. 

The Programme is overseen by the Network Development Programme Board (NDPB). The NDPB was established by agreement between the AEA, Age Cymru and Age UK. The AEA Executive Committee discussed the draft Terms of Reference and then agreed the final document on behalf of Brand Partners in England.      

The Board has 8 members; 2 from Age UK, 1 from Age Cymru and 5 from the AEA. The 5 members from the AEA consist of the 3 AEA Officers and 2 nominated members of the AEA Executive Committee (EC).

More information on the composition and purpose of the NDPB can be found in the Terms of Reference for the Board.

Communication with the Board can be made through your EC representative, or by emailing networkfuture@Ageuk.org.uk

Who is on the Network Development Programme Board?

John Norley – AEA Co-Chair, CEO, Age UK Medway
Paula Bee – AEA Co-Chair, CEO, Age UK Wakefield District
Steve Chu – Programme Director, Age UK & CEO, Age UK Sheffield
Michele Jolly
 – AEA Executive Committee, CEO, Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire
Dawn McNally – AEA Executive Committee, CEO, Age UK North Tyneside
Victoria Lloyd – CEO, Age Cymru
Steph Harland – CEO, Age UK
Pam Creaven – Services & Partnership Affairs Director, Age UK

The Board is assisted by the following staff who also attend Board meetings:

Paul Robson – National Manager, Strategic Programmes, Age UK
Sara Brown – Principal Partnership Manager, Age UK
Kirsty Gaskell-Sinclair – National Manager, Transformation, Age UK
Claire Morgan – Secretariat Manager, AEA
George Harvey – Communications Manager, AEA & Age UK

Several Board members make up the Programme Management Office (PMO), which supports the work of the Board:

Steve Chu – Programme Director, Age UK & CEO, Age UK Sheffield
Paul Robson – National Manager, Strategic Programmes, Age UK
Claire Morgan – Secretariat Manager, AEA
George Harvey – Communications Manager, AEA & Age UK

Has the Network been consulted?

Starting the NDP

Once it became clear that the shared strategy work would need to resume more urgently, we asked the network for feedback on starting the NDP. Overall, 116 Brand Partners responded, individually or through regional meetings, with their views on the questions posed in the communication. Understandably, there was some variation in responses but there was also outright consensus that any decisions about future collaboration by and between Brand Partners, the network and Age UK had to be in the best interests of the older people we serve. 

The Network were also consulted throughout the Big Conversation process (2017-2019), with the draft foundation statements collated from the discussions at a series of events held throughout 2019 and additional feedback from local Age UK Boards. As the NDP has picked up where the Big Conversation left off, these consultations still underpin our work. You can find out more about the Big Conversation process here.

First Consultation Period (Nov 20 – Feb 21)

In November 2020 the NDP Board (NDPB) released a set of Discussion Papers for members of the Age UK Network to consider with their Boards by 8th February 2021. The total number of feedback forms received was 113, with 83% of the Network responding individually or as part of a collective. This was a fantastic turn out at such a busy time – thank you!

We have produced a summary of your feedback, along with a folder every response received, which you can view here.

We are continuing to use Partners’ feedback to create a second set of proposals with the extra detail you have requested on the themes listed in the summary mentioned above. These new proposal documents will be released in June and Partners will again be able to provide feedback and ask any questions, both at virtual meetings and in written form, as part of a second consultation period.

We will continue to work with Partners throughout this process, sharing information and consulting on key issues.

How do Age UK staff fit into this? 

Several existing workstreams and teams will contribute to the Network Development Programme, including those working in collaboration with local partners e.g. I&A Review, service development, wellbeing, influencing, infrastructure development (shared back offices and systems), and fundraising. If your workstream is involved in this work, we’ll be in touch with further details in the coming months.    

Find out more

As always, if you want to get in touch with the NDP Board at any time, please contact networkfuture@ageuk.org.uk.

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