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Here you’ll find all the latest information on the Network Development Programme – the new name for our shared strategy work.

Thank you for all your feedback!

A huge thank you to all boards who submitted their feedback to the Discussion Papers . We know how busy you all are currently and we really appreciate you taking the time to respond. If you would still like to submit your feedback to, you can find all the files you need below:

We are now processing all of your feedback and drawing out the key themes. Using your responses as a guide, we will develop our ideas and produce more detailed proposals around some of the key areas which will be released for your comments in April. We will also provide a summary of your feedback to illustrate the variety of opinions on the NDP from across the Network.

What is the Network Development Programme?

The Network Development Programme (NDP) aims to ensure the Age family can continue to support older people across the UK by delivering activities that have positive social impact and are high quality, resilient and sustainable.

Building on the work of the Big Conversation, the Network Development Programme has three broad objectives:

  1. To improve the resilience and sustainability of the network through a shared strategy
  2. To create “Foundation Statements” of common purpose, principles and ambitions
  3. To produce a “Network Agreement” to replace the Brand Partner Agreement when it expires next year

To find out more about the origins of the NDP, who is involved and to view the latest updates, click below:

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The story so far…

Find out how the NDP builds on our earlier shared strategy work

What is the NDP?

How will the NDP work? Find out all the details here.

Latest Updates

Take a look at our most recent communications about the NDP.


  • November 2020 – Remote Consultation Conference with the Network

  • November – February 8th 2021 – Consultation on Network Agreement and Shared Strategy

  • April 2021 – Circulation of Shared Strategy consultation draft

  • September 2021 – Circulation of proposed Network Agreement

  • January 2022 – New Network Agreement issued for signing

  • April 2022 – New Network Agreement comes into effect

Contact Us

Got a question about the Network Development Programme? Please get in touch at:

You can also find out who is involved below:

The Network Development Programme Board Members

John Norley – AEA Co-Chair, CEO, Age UK Medway
Paula Bee – AEA Co-Chair, CEO, Age UK Wakefield District
Steve Chu – AEA Vice Chair, CEO, Age UK Sheffield
Michele Jolly – AEA Executive Committee, CEO, Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire
Dawn McNally – AEA Executive Committee, CEO, Age UK North Tyneside
Victoria Lloyd – CEO, Age Cymru
Steph Harland – CEO, Age UK
Pam Creaven – Services & Partnership Affairs Director, Age UK

The Board is assisted by the following staff who also attend Board meetings:

Paul Robson – National Manager, Strategic Programmes, Age UK
Sara Brown – Principal Partnership Manager, Age UK
Kirsty Gaskell-Sinclair – National Manager, Transformation, Age UK
Claire Morgan – Secretariat Manager, AEA
George Harvey – Communications Manager, AEA & Age UK