Briefings, Policy & Influencing

This page holds all of our daily political updates for the network on the coronavirus between March and June 2020. You can also find the latest on Age UK’s policy and influencing work.
Age UK also sent weekly emails to all MPs explaining how they can help during the crisis, you can read these here.

Carers Week Survey

Carers UK have launched a survey into carers’ experiences during the pandemic. Find out more, including some suggested copy for sharing on social media.

Two upcoming care webinars

Age UK’s Health Influencing Team and SCIE are both holding upcoming webinars on care. Find out how to book for either event.

Accessible Voting Day

Today marks the first ever Accessible Voting Day, a new awareness day to promote the rights of people with disabilities to take part in politics and vote.

Charity Finance Group membership offer

Charity Finance Group (CFG) is offering organisations that join in March 2021 an additional month of membership for free.

Covid-19 Q&A Webinar

An opportunity to hear and ask questions about the latest updates on the Covid-19 pandemic and the plans around the easing of lockdown.


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