Pension Credit Uptake Campaign – Press Release for local Age UKs

Download and adapt this local press release to spread the word to older people in your area about the need to apply for Pension Credit before 18th December.

In response to the cost of living crisis, Age UK is encouraging as many older people as possible to apply for Pension Credit. Older people on a low income should submit an application by the 18th December in order to qualify for the second cost of living payment. We have produced this press release below for local Age UKs to use in your area to encourage applications for Pension Credit.

Click below to download the press release:

If you have any queries about the press release or need support, please contact Age UK’s Campaign Officer Luke Pilot via

Befriending Week 1-7 November 2022 – Template Tweets

View and download some template social media wording and accompanying graphics from Age UK’s Campaigns team to help raise awareness of Befriending Week 2022.

Today marks the start of Befriending Week. This is a great opportunity to promote your befriending services on social media and gain some recognition for the amazing work your organisation is doing. Please read on for some template tweets and accompanying graphics from Age UK’s Campaigns team for you to post on Twitter if you have time.

If you want more information on Befriending Week, you can find the official resource pack here or head to the website.

Befriending Week template tweets

NB These posts all include the handle @befriendingnet as this is the organiser and they’ll be looking for content to repost, which should lead to some free promotion!

Wording #1 | Tackling loneliness – match with Graphic 1, download here

Our telephone friendship service has matched hundreds of older people looking for someone to talk to with a new friend.

It’s just one of the ways we’re leading the fight on #loneliness in [location] 💪

Find out more: [link your website] @befriendingnet #BefriendingWeek

Wording #2 | Here for you – match with Graphic 2, download here

If you or an older person you know in [location] might benefit from a friendly, weekly phone call, we’re here for you 💜

Our befriending service creates connections to help end #loneliness.

Find out more and get involved: [link your website] @befriendingnet #BefriendingWeek

Wording #3 | Celebrating befrienders – match with Graphic 3, download here

This #BefriendingWeek we want to celebrate our amazing telephone friendship volunteers.

Every week, they make sure XXX older people in [location] have a chat with a trusted friend ☎️

Find out more about how we’re ending #loneliness: [link your website] @befriendingnet

Paid-for Services and VAT – Guidance and Support

A reminder of the VAT guidance and support available, particularly regarding paid-for services such as Lasting Power of Attorney and Wills.

With its ever-widening scope; constantly updated regulations and case law governing; plus the onerous demands of HMRC; VAT is notoriously complicated. This message is a quick reminder of the VAT guidance and support available to local and national Age UKs, particularly regarding paid-for services such as Lasting Power of Attorney documents and Wills.

A local Age UK recently reported a concern regarding the VAT welfare exemption related to certain paid-for services, in particular Lasting Power of Attorney documents and Wills. As a result, they are currently working through the potential liability – what they will have to payback to the HMRC – which goes back over the last four years.

With that in mind, we would actively encourage all Age UKs delivering or developing a Lasting Power of Attorney and/or Wills service to take professional advice and/or use the VAT Helpline to seek clarity on your position and to ensure you are compliant with VAT rules. This may also provide an opportunity for you to assess your wider VAT status, particularly in relation to other new services you may be delivering and/or looking to develop, whether paid-for, grant-funded, or under contract, etc.

If you would like to learn more about paid-for services and VAT there is guidance and support available below:

The VAT helpline can be contacted by email or by calling 0207 842 7499. VAT information is also available on the finance support and guidance pages of the loop here.

If you are having any trouble accessing the loop, please contact:

Introducing Age UK’s Brand & Fundraising Christmas Campaign 2022!

Our multi-award-winning Brand & Fundraising Christmas Campaign is back for 2022! Download a guide to getting involved, plus find out how you can be part of Age UK’s media activity this December.

With Age UK’s Brand & Fundraising Christmas Campaign set to launch on Tuesday 1 November, please read on for ways your organisation can get involved over the festive period. There’s a Christmas Brand & Fundraising Campaign guide to help you prepare as well as ways to get involved in our media activity this December. Read on for full details.

Brand & Fundraising Christmas Campaign Guide

Our multi-award-winning Brand & Fundraising Christmas Campaign is back, launching on Tuesday 1 November 2022! Please find below a guide to help you prepare – with details on the assets you’ll receive from us as well as guidance on storytelling at Christmas, contacting corporates, and promoting your campaign. The guide also contains the findings from our survey following last year’s campaign to show how we’ve adapted the assets we provide following your feedback.

Be part of Age UK’s Christmas Campaign!

As part of this year’s Christmas campaign work, Age UK’s Media team are looking for content to potentially be featured in national newspapers, TV shows, websites and magazines this December.

We know that too many older people find themselves alone, especially so at Christmas time, with nobody to talk to or ask for help, and with the cost of living crisis, this year’s festive period is set to be even harder than usual. Our media work will remind the public that Age UK is there for older people, whether that’s through our national Friendship Services, or Information & Advice, or perhaps through local activity groups and the work of local Age UKs.

Featuring your work and stories in national newspapers or TV reports as part of our PR to support the Christmas campaign will help demonstrate to the public how Age UKs are supporting older people and put your services at the forefront. We will work with the media title to try and get a credit for your organisation in any coverage secured, ensuring that you can benefit from the publicity.

We would work with you and any storytellers to ensure they were happy with each opportunity that came up, and there would be no pressure for people to do anything they weren’t happy about. Any media interviews would be managed by Age UK’s Media Team and storytellers can chose what they are happy to do (i.e. some may prefer to just do telephone interviews or may not want their photo included). Age UK’s Media team will work with you and we will also ensure all safeguarding procedures are adhered to.

Please do get in touch with the Media Team if you can offer:

Storytellers to share their experiences
  • Older people who can talk about their positive experiences of the support their Age UK has provided, is a great way of highlighting the benefits and importance of your work to the public.
  • To link in with the Christmas campaign, the media would like to hear from older people who have experienced loneliness or feeling alone, and can talk honestly about how that felt. As well as how their local Age UK helped them make new friends, particularly through any befriending services or social activities. 
  • Volunteer stories are also a great way to highlight the benefits of your services. For example, do you have anybody that is helping out by doing something special this Christmas? Or have any of your volunteers gone above and beyond in their work with older people? If so, please let us know!
  • The Media Team are keen to showcase the diverse range of older people that Age UK and local Age UKs support and we are actively looking for people from all ethnicities and backgrounds.
Services and special events running this Christmas 
  • Are you planning on hosting a carol concert or Christmas party, providing support with Christmas meals or will you be offering phone calls or visits over the festive period? If you are, then we would love to hear from you!
  • Do you have any new or interesting group activities you think the media would be interested in? Even if it’s not about Christmas, we’d still like to hear about it!

How to share your stories

To share your stories and content, or find out more please email the Age UK Media team on: Thank you for your support!

Resources, Recordings, and Round up of this year’s Influencing Conference

The resources from this year’s Influencing Conference are now available to all local and national Age UK staff.

We would like to thank all those who attended the Age UK Influencing Conference 2022! We hope you found the day informative and feel more confident when supporting older people through the difficult winter ahead of us. If you couldn’t attend or missed a session, we have curated a booklet with all the key details from the Conference, including recordings of each session and speaker slides. You will also find information on the work of the Influencing Committee and upcoming events.

Please contact Luke Pilot ( if you would like to discuss anything about specific national campaigns or your local influencing further.

Age UK’s Winter Health Campaign 2022/23 – Local Campaign Pack

Find out all the details of this year’s Winter Health Campaign from Age UK’s Health Influencing Team. You can also download the Local Campaign Pack below.

Age UK’s Health Influencing team is happy to announce the launch of our 2022/23 Winter Health Campaign! The Winter Health Campaign will hopefully play a crucial role in ensuring older people have access to the information, advice, and support that they need to navigate the upcoming winter months. Find full details below, including a Local Campaign Pack you can use to help inform and support your own local winter campaigns this year.

With pre-pandemic levels of social contact expected this winter, we are increasingly wary of the potential for co-circulation of influenza, Covid-19, and other respiratory issues to put increased pressure on the NHS during an already difficult time.

Taken together, it’s clear we are facing a perfect storm this winter. This is why we’re asking for your support with Age UK’s Winter Health Campaign for another year. By working together, we can ensure older people have access to the information, advice, and support that they need to navigate the upcoming winter months.

This campaign will take place between October 2022 and March 2023 and aims to support as many older people as possible through the winter period. Please find below the Age UK Winter Health Campaign local pack, which we hope will be a useful resource to help inform and support your own local winter campaigns this year:

Please get in touch if you have any questions or require any further information – Thank you for supporting the campaign!

Age UK Campaigns Calendar – October to December 2022

The latest Age UK campaigns calendar is now available! It contains details on the influencing work Age UK will be focusing on from October to December 2022 – including how you can get involved.

The latest Age UK campaigns calendar is now available below! Covering national influencing activity by Age UK and upcoming awareness campaigns across October to December, this edition includes details of our upcoming campaigning work over the coming months.

The Calendar is available to download below:

Upcoming Events and Actions

We’ve highlighted below some of the most important events in the calendar that will be coming up over the next few weeks, including some details on the ways you can get involved if you have time:

Malnutrition Awareness Week – 10th to 16th October
  • Please share the resources made available on the website and tweet the hashtag – #UKMAW2022

Black History Month – throughout October
  • Please look out for and share the three Discover pieces set to go live on our website throughout October.

Carers Leave Private Members Bill – Second reading: 21st October
  • The bill will enshrine in employment law the Government’s pledge to provide five days of unpaid carers leave for all unpaid carers.
  • If you have time, please write to your MPs to ask and ask them to support the bill.

Debt and mid-term fiscal plan – 31st October
  • This has now been brought forward to the 31st October (originally proposed for 23rd November)
  • If you have time, please write to your MPs to make clear the need for: benefits to be uprated in line with inflation, targeted funding for NHS and social care, and extended support for energy bills for older and vulnerable people.

Befriending Week – 1st to 7th November
  • See if you can put on thank you events for befrienders in your local area.
  • Please share resources using the Befriending Networks resource pack and their website and post during the week on socials.

Get in touch!

If you have any questions about our upcoming campaigning and influencing, or if you have any suggestions for future editions of the campaigns calendar, please get in touch with Miles Bassett:

Sources of Support Autumn 2022 – Get the latest help and support for your organisation

The latest “Sources of Support” document from Age UK’s Services & Partnership Affairs Division is available to download with useful guidance and resources.

Age UK’s Services & Partnership Affairs Division (SPA) is committed to help local Age UKs to continue delivering excellent, sustainable services which meet the needs of older people in your local communities. The latest “Sources of Support” guide is available to view and download below, featuring a range of useful resources for local Age UKs over the coming months.

We are in no doubt that this winter is going to be particularly challenging. The dramatic increase in the cost of living is impacting not only on older people themselves but also on the community groups and organisations that they look to for support in difficult times, including local Age UKs.

With this in mind, the latest “Sources of Support” guide draws together a range of useful resources which can either be accessed directly (via this site, The Loop or through external organisations) or by contacting your Regional Link. (Contact details for Regional Links are listed in the guide).

In this latest edition, there’s up-to-date insight on managing your organisation’s finances and you can also find out more about Age UK’s e-Learning platform, as well as other resources that can help you to support staff’s development and emotional resilience.

We want this guide to be as useful as possible, so please let us know if you have found it helpful or if you have any questions, comments or concerns please email

New training content on the Age UK e-learning site

There are some new training courses available for Partners on the Age UK e-learning site. Find out all about the new courses, including how to register and access the e-learning site.

We are pleased to announce that new training courses are now available for Partners on the Age UK e-learning site. There’s a Safeguarding Course designed to be completed as part of an induction process, as well as some Triage and Assessment Courses for those involved in call handling and Information and Advice activities. Find out full details below, including how to access the e-learning site.

Safeguarding Course

This course has been designed for all staff and volunteers to complete as part of an induction process. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and it is essential that everyone, in whatever role they undertake, knows how to recognise, respond to, and report abuse and neglect. 

This course does not cover elements of the legislation regarding people in a position of trust such as care workers.

Triage and Assessment Courses

New content is available to support those who are having to make triage and assessment decisions for clients. These courses will be predominantly useful for those involved in call handling and Information and Advice activities. This course has been assigned to receptionists, I&A staff and volunteers and service managers, but anyone can request access to his course form the advice unit if they do not already have it.

How to access Age UK’s e-learning site

Access to the Age UK e-learning site is free and anyone can register for an account using the link below:

If you’ve already got an e-learning account, you can access the e-learning site using the link below:

Any questions please contact

Webinar on 27 October – join us as we share lessons from 10 years of holistic advice projects

Learning is a key part of our culture at Age UK and we use it to better shape our programmes with the Age UK Network. Pulling together 10 years of learning, evaluation and feedback from four holistic information and advice projects that many of you have worked with us on, we’ve produced a report which we hope will influence potential funders to support this crucial work.

To help bring the report to life and share some of those key lessons with you, we’ll be running a webinar on 27 October from 10-11am for the Age UK Network. You’ll have a chance to hear from the team managing these projects, a local partner or two about their experiences, and share your thoughts and experiences of this type of work.

You can use the following link to join the Teams webinar directly on the day.

Please email for more information.