Chairs and Governance Roundup – September 2022

This Chairs and Governance Roundup is a collection of recent resources, news, and upcoming events for Board Members of local Age UKs.

Welcome to the latest edition of our Chairs and Governance Roundup, a collection of recent resources, news, and upcoming events for Board Members of local Age UKs. Read on for details of some useful webinars from the NCVO, the upcoming Live Longer Better event, as well as some learning and resources from the National Lottery Community Fund’s Ageing Better programme.

Trustees’ Week 7 to 11 November

Trustees’ Week celebrates the achievements of the 1 million charity trustees in the UK and this year’s theme is “making a difference in changing times”. Throughout the week you’ll have the chance to connect with other trustees to share your experiences. You’ll also be able to develop your skills through our wide range of events, training and guidance.

For more information and resources, please visit:

During Trustees’ Week NCVO is running a series of webinars, find out more here.

Live Longer Better – face to face event 19th October

The Live Longer Better movement promotes the 4 R’s: reconditioning, rejuvenation, risk reduction and revolution with the aim of enabling people to do just that: live longer better.

All Age UKs are invited to join the first in-person Live Longer Better national event where the programme will reaffirm its collective mission.

Find out more about the event by clicking this link.

Learn more about Live Longer Better here.

Learning and Resources from the Ageing Better Programme

The National Lottery Community Fund’s Ageing Better programme was a seven-year, £87 million programme designed to test different ways of improving the lives of people over 50 by addressing social isolation and loneliness within local communities. The programme was delivered by 14 place-based partnerships across England.

In this article, Ruth Bamford, Learning Lead for Ageing Better at The National Lottery Community Fund, shares below some of the impact from their Ageing Better programme, as well as highlighting the importance of delivering a person-centred approach when addressing loneliness and social isolation.

Click here to view the full article.

Age UK Influencing Conference 2022 “Getting through a difficult winter”

You can now sign up here to attend this year’s Age UK Influencing Conference on Wednesday 12th October 2022! We are welcoming staff, volunteers and trustees from across the Age UK Network and multiple attendees from the same local Age UK are welcome and encouraged.

This year’s conference will be looking at the challenges older people (and the local Age UKs supporting them) face, and sharing ideas, evidence and practical ways to improve their lives. We’ll hear from local Age UKs and policy experts on topics such as the cost of living crisis, digital exclusion, tackling health inequalities through targeted approaches to black and minority ethnic older people, and working with ICSs, sharing tips from across the network. We will also consider the very difficult winter ahead for local Age UKs, as energy prices soar, and what we can do to help through our influencing activity.

Click here to book your place.

Building good governance – short online sessions for trustees

NCVO run a series of online training events specifically for trustees covering topics such as:

  • Trustee basics
  • Financial intelligence for trustees
  • Safeguarding for trustees
  • Quality, diversity and inclusion

To find out full details, please click here.

Association of Chairs Event “Rethinking Charity Closure”

The Association of Chairs is running an event on 15 November to explore the issues around deciding to close a charity. Although this is often viewed as a negative decision, it can sometimes be a normal part of a charity’s natural life span.

As CC3 ‘The Essential Trustee’ highlights: Acting in the charity’s best interests means always doing what the trustees decide will best enable the charity to carry out its purposes, both now and for the future.

It’s not about serving:

  • the interests of trustees or staff
  • the personal interests of members or beneficiaries
  • the personal interests of supporters, funders or donors
  • the charity as an institution in itself, or preserving it for its own sake

Sometimes trustees need to consider collaborating or merging with another charity, or even spending all of the charity’s resources and bringing it to a close.

The event brings together three people with insight and expertise on closing charities. They offer practical hands-on experience and will share their insights on how to open up conversations about closure, and if it is the right course, how to navigate it well.

Click here for full details, including how to book your place.

The Association of Chairs publishes a free monthly e-newsletter containing useful resources and support, including events like the one above. To register, please click here.

Resources to support Chairs and Trustees with good governance

Age UK provides a number of online resources aimed at supporting Chairs and trustees to deliver excellent governance of local Age UK charities.

The resources include:

  • Pointers to the key Charity Commission guidance
  • A link to the Association of Chairs, an independent membership group which supports Chairs from all charities
  • Ideas on recruiting and retaining trustees
  • Guidance on CEO appraisals
  • Information on Age UK network quality standards
  • A briefing on the Charity Governance Code
  • Sources of support for local Age UKs relating to service development, funding, finance and more
  • Template governing documents for local Age UKs – useful when reviewing your constitution

These resources can be found on the loop – the intranet for the Age UK network – by clicking here.

If you do not have access to ‘the loop’ then please contact

Hempsons’ Free Trustee Training Webinars – November 2022

Hempsons are delighted to announce that their annual trustee training will now be held online. They will be joined by haysmacintyre, charity accountants, who have supported the trustee training for a number of years.

The course will share experiences of some of the governance lessons that charities have learnt through the pandemic and as they re-focus strategy afterwards. These include an acceleration in decision-making and implementation. Organisational speed of response has been enabled by streamlined, focused delegation and greater board entrustment of staff and volunteers. Other efficiencies can include proportionate reporting to the board on the core areas they need to measure.

The programme has been split into three separate sessions, which can be attended as a full programme, or individually – the sessions are interlinked and build on each other. It has been designed for charity Trustees and Chief Executives, and is suitable for those new in post as well as the more experienced who are wanting a refresher. 

Click here for full details, including how to book your place.

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