A Guide to the Brand Partner Portal Week 2 – The I&A Integration Function 

Week 2 of our six-part series “Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the Brand Partner Portal” takes us through the I&A Integration function.

Welcome to Week Two of the Brand Partner Portal (BPP) overview! This week, we’ll look at the first of the four functions the BPP Supports: I&A Integration. If you missed last week’s introduction to the Brand Partner Portal, you can find it here

Many brand partners may remember a previous iteration of I&A integration which allowed brand partners to divert calls to the National Advice Line.  

I&A Integration through the Brand Partner Portal is a far more powerful version of the old I&A integration and can help brand partners manage calls to their I&A service whilst also giving callers to the National Advice Line the option of receiving advice that is local to them directly from their local Age UK’s I&A Service. 

I&A Integration has three tools in its belt: 

1. Call backs*  

* Brand Partners must offer the call back service as part of I&A Integration 

Call backs are when the national line books a call back for you to make. This will only be with a caller that lives in your area of benefit.

Here’s how it works: 

  • The National Advice Line Adviser takes a call from a person who wants you (the local brand partner) to ring them back. 
  • The National Advice Line Adviser fills in a form on our CRM system, triggering an email notification to be sent to the brand partner’s email address. The email lets you know there is a call back to be done.  
  • The details about the caller and their enquiry are then transferred to the BPP where you can login to access them. The transfer can take up to 15 minutes after the email notification has been sent.  
  • The brand partner makes the call back which needs to be completed within 5 days working days.
  • You can add progress notes to the call back case in the BPP if, for example, you haven’t been able to speak to them.
  • Once completed, the case can be marked as resolved.  

We monitor the call backs and will remind you if a call back hasn’t occurred within the expected time period. Adding progress notes to the case is really important because it helps provide context to an incomplete case in the event a brand partner has been unable to contact the caller.

Cases should only be resolved in the BPP once the caller has been contacted and the enquiry completed. If you have been unable to contact the caller after several attempts, the case can be resolved with details included in the resolution notes.

2. Warm Transfers  

Warm Transfers are when the national line transfers a caller from a brand partner’s local area directly to their I&A line. The national adviser will speak to the local I&A adviser directly, before completing the transfer. All brand partners need to do is let us know what number to transfer to and we’ll set it up from there. 

Because of how we enter Warm Transfers on our CRM system you may receive an email notification and see a case in the Portal for it, but you shouldn’t need to do anything with these.  

NB – We can only transfer to a dedicated I&A line and not a general or reception line. 

3. Call diversions  

Call diversions are when brand partners divert their I&A line to the national line. It can be helpful if a brand partner has shorter office hours on certain weekdays or during busy times when staff capacity can’t keep up with the call volume.

Call diversions are only possible from a brand partner’s dedicated I&A line. Brand partners cannot set up general or reception numbers for diversions. To set up call diversions, brand partners will need to contact their telephone provider who may charge for this service.

NB – this feature is now only available to Partners 6 months after joining I&A Integration  

How do you sign up? 

Brand Partners wishing to join the I&A Integration should first get in touch with the I&A Integration team on integrationcustenquiries@ageuk.org.uk. Our team will get you onboarded with a helpful email, a questionnaire and a handy instruction guide.  

How is I&A Integration linked to the BPP? 

As described above, when a caller to the National Advice Line requests a local call back, their information and enquiry is logged securely in the I&A Integration part of the portal. This is only accessible to the brand partner in question. Brand partners can login to the portal (as described in the Introduction to this series) and choose the tile called View all Cases (see picture below outlined in red). 

 From here, you will be taken to a new view of any cases assigned to your organisation: 

How I&A Integration Call Backs work with mobile phones

We know that lots of you are still working remotely and using mobile telephony. Good news! Mobile telephony will not stop you from being able to do call backs! Since the call back notifications come via email and you access call back cases through the portal, all you need to do a call back is access to the internet and a phone that can make outgoing calls.

Until next time!

Next week, we’ll be looking at Website Integration. But in the meantime, two reminders: 

  1. CEOs – don’t forget to request access to the Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) on the BPP. Get in touch with the team at portalaccess@ageuk.org.uk if you don’t yet have access. 
  1. If you want to sign up for I&A Integration, get in touch with the team at  integrationcustenquiries@ageuk.org.uk.

Finally, f you have any questions about a particular BPP function mentioned above and would like to explore how this can help your organisation, please feel free to get in touch via email on portalaccess@ageuk.org.uk.

Best wishes,

Alisa Yingling
Programme Manager

Brand Partner Portal
Age UK

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