Finance Focus – Guidance on Managing Rising Costs

With input costs for businesses rising steeply, Age UK’s Financial Governance Team have put together a guidance document looking into ways to approach this issue.

With many Partners currently attempting to reforecast budgets for 2022-23 in the light of the increase in inflation and many other costs, Age UK’s Financial Governance team has written a guidance document covering the impact of these cost increases for organisations and identifying some ideas on how best to approach this issue. Read on for further details.

Stuart Walker, who is presenting at the next Finance Network Meeting on 25th May (“Forecasting in a time of even Greater Uncertainty”) will make reference to this document and expand upon some of the suggestions made, so do sign up to attend that meeting. It will be an opportunity to hear what Stuart has to say on the subject, and to share your own experiences with your peers in the usual Q&A session which will follow the presentation.

To book your place at the next Finance Network Meeting:

The next Finance Network Meeting will take place on Wednesday 25th May from 11:00 to 12:30. Stuart Walker, Volunteer Consultant at Cranfield Trust, will present on the topic ‘Forecasting in a time of even greater uncertainty’. Click here for more details.

To register your attendance, and / or to subsequently receive a copy of the recording of the event and the slides, please simply send an email to  with your name and role title, the name of the Brand Partner you are representing and the email address to which the follow-up material should be sent.

We would be grateful if you could confirm in your email whether you will be attending on the day or just requesting access to the meeting recording and supporting slides – thank you.

View the Guidance Document

Input costs for businesses have risen at a rate not seen for many years, and certainly not since 2011, when Age UK came into being. We recognise that colleagues right across the network are well aware of the challenges this brings and will be looking into what they can do to mitigate these challenges, or what they should be doing to address them.

This guidance document contains some thoughts and ideas from Age UK’s Financial Governance Team on how to approach this issue which we hope will be helpful.

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If you have any questions about the information contained in this document, or would like any further guidance or support, please contact:  or

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