Age of Creativity Festival 2022 – How you can get involved

This year’s Age of Creativity Festival takes place throughout May. Find out how your organisation can get involved, including how to share your upcoming creative events on the Festival website.

The Age of Creativity Festival is a yearly event to celebrate creativity with, for, and by older people! This year’s Festival runs throughout May and the website is now open for submissions of age-friendly creative events that are taking place, both on and offline. Take a look at the Age of Creativity Festival website to see if there are any events you would like to share with your networks, or if you have any upcoming events you’d like to add to the site. You can find out more information about the festival below.

The Age of Creativity Festival is an annual event to celebrate a creative later life across England. The festival is led by Age UK Oxfordshire, with Age UK and hundreds of Age of Creativity network members. Local Age UKs and other age-friendly organisations are encouraged to take part by listing their creative events and activities on the Festival website. You’ll find 100+ creative and age-friendly activities for older people to try – both online and offline on the Festival website, many of these taking place throughout 2022.

Farrell Renowden, who organises the Age of Creativity Festival, recently presented about this year’s festival at the most recent meeting of the Creative Later Life Network. You can view Farrell’s PowerPoint from this meeting below, containing “the who, what, where, when, and why of the Festival” and all relevant links. Farrell has also shared some additional resources that were raised during the discussions which may be of interest:

To get creative information for older people in your communities, sign up for the festival e-newsletter here: Age of Creativity | Home. You can also find more creativity resources on the Creative Later Life Hub.

For more information, or to join the Creative Later Life Network, please email Farrell Renowden.

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