Age UK’s Response to the Spending Review and #SocialCareCantWait Update

An update on the #SocialCareCan’tWait campaign following the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review, including a statement from Age UK’s Charity Director Caroline Abrahams.

The Age UK #SocialCareCantWait campaign has been building up to the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review, which was delivered by the Chancellor on 27th October. With the support of our campaigners and the hard work of local partners across the country, we were calling on the Government to deliver immediate and substantial funding for local councils and their social care budgets. Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director of Age UK and Co-Chair of the Care and Support Alliance, has issued a statement in response to the budget which can be seen below.

While we wait for the Government to deliver its promised white paper on social care reform, we will be planning how we progress with our campaign and how we can best make an impact. We would like to thank all local partners for their continued support of our national campaigns and we look forward to continuing this vital work with you. If you have time, you can help to spread our message by retweeting the Age UK Campaigns account.

You can read Age UK’s statement below:

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director of Age UK and Co-Chair of the Care and Support Alliance said:

“Today, social care needed a big injection of guaranteed, additional funding for now and the future, but the Chancellor didn’t deliver it. The extra money that was announced for local government was not ring-fenced for social care and will need to be stretched thinly across council services, after a decade of under-funding.”

“The end result is that there is no relief in sight for older and disabled people who require care, and their families and carers, who are having to put up with services under extreme duress – if they can get any help at all.”

“It’s no good the Government promising the possibility of more funding for care in a few years’ time if today’s provision continues to disintegrate and more workers walk away.

“If the Prime Minister’s ambition to ‘fix social care’ is ever to be realised Rishi Sunak has to play his part by providing enough funding to make it happen. He hasn’t done so and therefore unfortunately, the future of social care remains as uncertain as ever, with the credibility of the Prime Minister’s promise increasingly on the line.”

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director, Age UK

You can find Age UK’s response to all parts of the Budget relating to older people, including energy, healthcare and pensions below:

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