Social Care Can’t Wait Campaign – Help get the Chancellor’s attention before the Spending Review!

As the Spending Review on 27th October approaches, find out how we can focus the Chancellor’s attention on providing sufficient funding for councils’ social care budgets.

Last month we wrote to tell you about the latest stage of our campaign for social care reforms. We’re calling on the Chancellor to provide sufficient funding for councils’ social care budgets in the Spending Review on 27th October, so older people can get the care they need now. We would like to say a huge thank you to those who have supported the campaign so far, and we would be so grateful if you could all join us in a final push in the lead up to the spending review in two weeks’ time. You can take part by writing to your local paper and by posting about the petition on social media – some template wording can be found below.

Our campaigners have asked Rishi Sunak to be a social care hero and we’ve heard that the Chancellor and his team have noticed the campaign. But there’s still work to be done to show the Chancellor how urgent this is.

Campaigners calling on the Chancellor to be a social care hero

Here is how your Age UK can get involved:

If you have 5 minutes… Please share our petition on Social Media:

If you have time to spread the word on your social media channels there is some suggested wording below. You can also find an image for the posts and more social media templates in the Care Can’t Wait pack.


Help us get the Chancellor’s attention and share the petition with your followers. You can follow along to see what other people have been saying here.

Millions of older people need @RishiSunak to be a social care hero. Sign our petition and tell the Chancellor to give care the funding it needs:


‘Without immediate funding, the PM’s #socialcare plan will fail to fix care.

Now it’s up to @RishiSunak to show older people he cares and boost council budgets in the Spending Review.

Join our call on the Chancellor:

#SocialCareCantWait #DoesRishiReallyCare


“For people like Mum, it’s too late. She’s given everything she’s got”.

Sharon just wants the best support for her mum. But the current Government proposals do nothing to help her. She can’t wait until 2023.

Tell Rishi Sunak to help people who need care now. Sign our petition here:

If you have 30 minutes… Please Send a letter to the editor:

Use our template letter to the editor, to get coverage in your local paper. Many MPs read their local paper and the more we can promote the issue of funding for social care in local discourse the more pressure MPs will put on the Chancellor.

Thank you for your support!

Everything detailed in this pack can be found in the ‘Care Can’t Wait’ folder in The Box.

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