Latest Updates to the LG Inform Stats Tool

Check out the latest information available within the Local Government Association stats tool “LG Inform”, which is available to all staff in the Age UK Network.

The Local Government Association stats tool LG Inform is available to all staff in the Age UK Network, and can be registered for here. LG Inform regularly updates the information it holds, so please see below an update from the organisation on the latest available information in the tool. This includes mid-year population estimates for 2020 from ONS, recent boundary changes, and much more.

The latest updates from LG Inform:
  • In May our regular annual update of both powers & duties and records retention guidance was released and in June we completed our ‘Deep dive’ in to Children’s Services. The review was actively supported by the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS). See here for more details.
  • Additionally, we continue to monitor and update for changes to associated powers & duties resulting from the Coronavirus legislation. Given the many changes this summer, we are undertaking a comprehensive review of this now and hope to conclude this in the coming weeks.
  • Our API tool kit and Data feed continues to be well used and an important aspect of our programme. The monthly amount of data in our data feed has increased to 10GB per month for subscribers and have two very good case studies showing examples of linking the LG Inform Plus database to software solutions such as MS Power BI and In Phase. The case study for Norfolk DC is here and Oldham MBC here.

Keeping LG Inform Plus relevant and up-to-date is key to our programme and the following changes on data and areas have been made so far:

  • Previously available in LG Inform, the mid-year population estimates for 2020 from ONS are now available at lower-level geographies, such as LSOA, MSOA and Ward, in LG Inform Plus reports. This link, to a ward level search in LG Inform Plus, shows you all the data items now available at that geography.
  • In May new areas including Wards, CCGs and Integrated Care systems, were added and can be used to view metrics in our LG Inform Plus reports. All wards that become operative following local elections on 6 May 2021 are now available and wherever possible, we’ve recalculated metrics for the new wards from their component areas. You may want to run reports on these so newly elected councillors can be brought up to speed with key data for their local areas.
  • There have been a number of other proposals on boundary changes this year. You can see the proposed parliamentary constituency boundary changes here. Also, The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released new Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area boundaries, you can view them here.  And, we’ve also added the recently published proposed parliamentary constituencies for Wales for 2023 here.
  • In his statement of 21 July 2021 Robert Jenrick, the former Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, unveiled proposals for four new unitary councils across East Cumbria, West Cumbria, North Yorkshire, Somerset (combining existing unitary, county and/or district councils). These new boundary proposals are available in LG Inform Plus. To review the demographics of these new areas, users from subscribing organisations can see over 2,000 data items for the proposed boundaries, create new LG Inform Plus reports or link data directly to performance management software via our data tool.
  • Promoting open data publishing remains part of our work May saw the launch of an improved web site for Open Referral UK – the standard that provides consistent way of recording and sharing information about local government services. The website describes the advantages of applying the standard, steps to adoption and case studies from councils and suppliers who are using it. The Community Forum is the place to ask questions and share learning with others.

Future work:
  • Census data 2021. We are now planning for taking on board the Census 2021 during the Spring of 2022. Initial work has started and we aim to upload the new data as quickly as possible post its release from ONS.

Finally, we are always looking to improve the LG Inform Plus service and if you have suggestions for new reports, data items or additional functionality please contact us at For more information on what is covered by LG Inform Plus visit our training pages here or, for the API, see our help videos here.

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