Update: NHSE Seasonal Surge Support Tender

An update on the NHS England Seasonal Support Tender. Find out how we’re partnering with British Red Cross for this opportunity and how Brand Partners can be involved.

Age UK has partnered with British Red Cross to bid for the NHSE Seasonal Surge Support contract to support patient flow through provision of hospital discharge and community out of hospital wrap around care. You can find out more below about how Brand Partners can be involved, including contact details for any questions you may have at this stage. Due to procurement rules, we are restricted in how much we can say about the tender and the submission at this time, however we will keep you regularly updated about the outcome, which is expected by the 25th of October.

Procurement conditions for this tender required either a single provider or a consortium to have a lead provider. Factoring the ‘all age’ element and other compliance requirements, it was agreed between the partners that British Red Cross would be the lead who, if successful, would sub-contract Age UK and Brand Partners to deliver the contract. Age UK proposes to act as a form of agent on behalf of the lead provider and Brand Partners to support both mobilisation and delivery during the contract period. The plan is to harness the capacity of as many Brand Partners who are willing, along with other voluntary sector providers, to respond to surge demand when and where it presents during the year(s).

In assessing the opportunity, both organisations realised we are stronger together and have a greater competitive edge by presenting a support offer that brings together our collective expertise, capabilities, and resources more effectively to make an even greater difference.

Age UK and British Red Cross have had a close working relationship supporting the NHS over the last three years of winter pressures and during the pandemic. This successful collaboration has helped tens of thousands of people across the country to have safe and supported discharge from hospital and assistance to recover at home, along with out-of-hospital support to prevent admission or readmission. Our aim is to use this contract opportunity to build a longer-term partnership between our organisations to leverage more opportunities, whether procurement driven or innovation led. Such a partnership should help our organisations to achieve our respective and collective purpose to help people recover from crisis and to support older people to achieve and maintain their independence and wellbeing.

For Brand Partners, we hope that this opportunity and partnership presents real benefits, not least the ability to scale your services and solutions to those most in need, tackle health inequalities, gain additional funding for prevention, and demonstrate to local and regional NHS systems the strategic imperative and value of your capacity and provision. 

Due to procurement rules, we are restricted in how much we can say about the tender and the submission at this time. However, we will keep you regularly updated about the tender outcome (expected by the 25th of October) and developments of our partnership with British Red Cross.

If you have and questions or considerations you wish to raise, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at john.mason@ageuk.org.uk or lauren.chalk@ageuk.org.uk.

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