Older People’s Health and Care Survey – September 2021

Age UK’s Health Influencing Team are conducting the “Older People’s Health and Care Survey” and would be grateful if you could share the survey across your networks.

Age UK are conducting a survey to understand more about the current health and care needs of older people. We are looking to hear from older people themselves but also from friends and family who want to share their loved ones’ experiences on their behalf. We conducted similar surveys last summer and at the start of the year and had a fantastic response. However, we know that many older people are still finding things hard and we would like to hear more about how they are being affected.

We will be using the information as part of our work to influence Government and to help improve the support which older people receive in relation to health and care.

The survey will close at the end of September.

We would be really grateful if you could share this survey across your networks so that we can hear as many voices as possible. Thank you!

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