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Age UK have been successful in applying to Sainsbury’s for a place on their annual Data Philanthropy programme.  In this Sainsbury’s take data sets from charities and do intensive analysis on them to bring out findings, and also suggest ways forward.

Age UK is planning on using this opportunity to undertake an analysis of data from the Advice Line and data from the Information & Advice pages on Age UK’s website.  We would also like to include data from Partners to provide a full view of the Information & Advice provision across the network.  All findings will be shared fully with Partners participating.

The data we would want to use is listed below, and the template to be used can be found below.

  • Contact
    • ID
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Postcode
  • Case
    • ID
    • Date of Enquiry
    • Time
    • Enquiry Code (Level 1)
    • Enquiry Code (Level 2)
    • Enquiry Code (Level 3)

In order to take part please email   You will be required to sign a data sharing agreement with Age UK, and once signed will receive a link to upload the data through the Box.

The deadline for Age UK receiving data is 12pm on 6th September.  We acknowledge this is a short turnaround, however this is due to the timelines for Sainsburys.

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  1. Hi there,
    Can you please clarify if there are any date parameters for the I&A data upload – is it all clients/cases in a certain period?
    Many thanks,
    Annette Barton

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