Important Changes to the DBS Verification Process for local Age UKs

Local Age UKs need to make a change to the verification process for your DBS checks to make sure Age UK doesn’t receive confidential information about your employees and volunteers.

Age UK have been receiving some emails from GBG notifying us of the progress of DBS checks requested by local Age UKs. This means we receive personal, confidential information about your employees and volunteers which we shouldn’t have access to. To make sure that we don’t get these emails, the Disclosure Manager at your organisation will need to log in to the GBG system and change the verification process so that Age UK doesn’t get any notifications. An explanation of how to do this is linked below.

GBG have a number of User Guides available on the home page when you first log-in, these provide step-by-step instructions on most activities including how to change your Disclosure Manager and Verifier. If you have any questions, please contact:

Age UK have recently agreed our DBS policy and procedure, this provides clarity on our decision-making on the use of DBS, especially at Basic level where there is no set criteria on the roles this applies to. It also includes guidance on the required frequency of checks and how long personal data will be stored for. If you don’t have a DBS Policy and procedure, and would like to see a copy of the Age UK version as an example, please email

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