Reminder: February Monthly Assessment available

A reminder that the link for the monthly assessment for February is now available, find out all the details here.

A huge thank you to everyone who completed the Monthly Assessment for January. This is a quick reminder that the February Monthly Assessment is now live and ready for completion here. The assessment deadline is 5pm on Wednesday 10th March.

Thank you for continuing to complete these assessments, they are hugely important in helping us make the case for support to the network from funders, government and other stakeholders – all of whom want to understand the collective front-line response of the network and how you’re responding to the unprecedented and growing needs of people affected by Covid-19.

A Word document reference copy for you to consult before filling in the assessment is available here: February Monthly Assessment Reference Copy

Please complete the assessment by 5pm on Wednesday 10th March.  The reporting period is 1st February to 28th February inclusive. If you have any questions please email COVID-19 Enquiry Line

All the latest information on these assessments can be viewed on our Partner Insight Hub here. This Hub holds the data reports from the fortnightly assessments, the link to the new monthly assessment, and a Word document reference copy for you to consult before filling in.

Assessment Schedule

To help you to plan your responses to the monthly assessments, the schedule for the next few responses can be viewed below:

Assessment MonthDate of ReleaseDate for Completion
February22nd February10th March 5pm
March22nd March12th April 5pm

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