Template Letter to support unpaid Carers during lockdown

NHS England have created a template latter that unpaid carers can use if they need to explain why they are visiting different homes frequently.

NHS England have issued a template letter to provide support for unpaid carers who may need to provide an explanation as to why they need to be out more frequently or visit different homes under greater lockdown restrictions due to caring responsibilities. Age UK partners are able to distribute the letter to those who are suitable and there is guidance provided on how and when it can be issued.  

It is important that the letter is not made available for public download but issued on an individual basis where it could be helpful.

There are two documents attached below:

  • The template letter
  • Guidance on using the letter

If you have any questions about using the letter or the guidance please contact Health Influencing at healthinfluencing@ageuk.org.uk.

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