Results of the second fortnightly assessment now available

View the data report and key findings from the latest fortnightly assessment and find the link to the latest assessment.

Once again, our thanks to those brand partners who completed the second of our fortnightly assessments at what remains an incredibly busy time.  

A full report from the data collected can be found below: 

Although fewer brand partners completed this second round of reporting, 96 compared to 102 previously, the information returned as been invaluable in helping to identify potential trends emerging across the Network. 

One key finding is that many brand partners are reporting a more positive position in terms of their financial and organisational resilience, compared to last time. 

Organisational Resilience Scores have stayed steady since the previous assessment, with less partners reporting they will run out of funds in the next 18 months. Of the 80 brand partners who completed the assessment both times, the mean score improved by 0.8625, 4.11%. While not a significant change this indicates a stabilisation of organisational resilience across the network. 

Activity has remained steady, too. Analysis based on 96 brand partner responses reporting on activity between 2nd and 15th May 2020 shows: 

  • 86,087 people directly supported   
  • 223,294 contacts with older people, their families and carers 
  • 86,943 contacts made through friendship, keep in touch and welfare calls 
  • 14,894 I&A enquiries received 
  • 29,796 food deliveries provided 
  • 1,548 prescriptions collected and delivered 
  • 11,239 volunteers currently supporting activities 

We know it’s a lot to ask with all the demands you and your teams are dealing with. Whilst completing the assessment may feel like an unwelcome chore, the statistics and insights continue to play a pivotal role in supporting Services, Fundraising, Media and Policy colleagues’ efforts to provide a picture of the Network’s response to this crisis and the potential medium to long term financial fallout for brand partners as a result of the pandemic. Its helping us to leverage more for the appeal and develop proposals for major funders. 

The next fortnightly assessment is now live and can be accessed here.

This assessment is for the period covering 16th to 29th May 2020. The deadline for completion is 5pm 5th June 2020.  

A Word document copy of the questions to refer to as you complete the assessment is available here: 

Word Reference Copy of Fortnightly Assessment 

Future assessments timetable 

In order to allow you to plan and provide clarity, the below table details the remaining planned assessments, including release dates and completion deadlines.  

Assessment  The period the assessment covers (dates are inclusive)  Release Date  Completion Deadline  
1  20/04/20 – 01/05/20  01/05/20  08/05/20  
2  02/05/20 – 15/05/20  15/05/20  22/05/20  
3  16/05/20 – 29/05/20  29/05/20  05/06/20  
4  30/05/20 – 12/06/20  12/06/20  19/06/20  
5  13/06/20 – 26/06/20  26/06/20  03/07/20  
6  27/06/20 – 10/07/20  10/07/20  17/07/20  

If you have any questions please contact the team at  

Thank you again for all your hard work at this incredibly busy time.  

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