Results of the first fortnightly assessment now available

Thank you for the tremendous response to the first fortnightly survey at this incredibly busy time. See the headlines and full report from the data collected here.

We’re pleased to report that 102 Brand Partners completed the first of the new fortnightly assessments providing an invaluable insight into the response and resilience of the network during the Covid-19 situation. Thank you all for this tremendous response on your part at this incredibly busy time.


During the period from 20th April to 1st May, Brand Partners:

  • Had 230,770 contacts across 114,504 people – the equivalent of 23,077 contacts taking place each weekday; 
  • Provided 39,284 food deliveries or collections; and 
  • Responded to 51,628 Information & Advice enquiries 

These statistics and insights have been invaluable in supporting influencing, media, and fundraising colleagues to respond to major donors, journalists and ministers – thank you!

Aggregate report

We have produced an aggregate report of the data that is available here:

As you complete more fortnightly assessments, the picture of the Network’s activity during this period becomes more compelling and helps demonstrate the collective frontline response of the network to this emergency and the ways we are responding to the unprecedented and growing needs of people affected by the impact of Covid-19. 

It gives us the collective ability to describe what’s happening now, but also helps us show how this picture is changing over time as the period of lockdown extends and the extent of the impact on older people and our organisation deepens. 

The next assessment

The next fortnightly assessment is now live and can be accessed here. 

This assessment is for the period covering 2nd May 2020 to 15th May 2020. The deadline for completion is 5pm 22nd May 2020. 

A Word document copy of the questions to refer to as you complete the assessment is available here:

Future assessments timetable

In order to allow you to plan and provide clarity, the below table details the remaining planned assessments, including release dates and completion deadlines. 

Assessment The period the assessment covers (dates are inclusive) Release Date Completion Deadline 
20/04/20 – 01/05/20 01/05/20 08/05/20 
02/05/20 – 15/05/20 15/05/20 22/05/20 
16/05/20 – 29/05/20 29/05/20 05/06/20 
30/05/20 – 12/06/20 12/06/20 19/06/20 
13/06/20 – 26/06/20 26/06/20 03/07/20 
27/06/20 – 10/07/20 10/07/20 17/07/20 

If you have any questions please contact the team at 

Thank you again for all your hard work at this incredibly busy time.

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